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Going Green: Net-zero in the contractor world
August 30, 2023 at 1:00pm

Canadian Contractor Net Zero
Net-Zero Webinar

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There’s a lot consider when going green – carbon emissions, involved costs, timelines and more. Understanding and expanding net-zero initiatives, tools and resiliency into home building and renovations can be a hard course to navigate alone.

Canadian Contractor’s Going Green webinar will draw on expertise from across Canada to share best practices and mutual challenges when it comes to being net-zero ready.

We will hear from an expert panel on hot topics like passive homes, net-zero renovation programs, the role of Indigenous organizations in clean energy and more.



Victoria Coffin

Victoria Coffin is the executive director of Buildings Ontario Transformation Hub (“BOTH”) and a member of the Board of Directors with Sustainable Buildings Canada.

BOTH was established as a not-for-profit to facilitate the Ontario Stakeholder Council (the “Council”) activities and initiatives.  The Council is a broad group of stakeholders who collaborate on the issues that affect the implementation of building standards for new and existing buildings.

The Council holds quarterly ½ day meetings to discuss short-term and longer-term issues, and to develop initiatives to resolve these issues.  The Council brings together a diverse group of municipalities, Federal and provincial government entities, manufacturers, industry associations, industry professionals, non-profit organizations, training and educational institutions, renovators and custom home builders, and builders and developers.

Victoria Coffin has more than 25 years of experience in private industry, government and not-for-profit as well as running her own business.  As a lawyer, Victoria worked closely with clients who were subcontractors, home builders and smaller developers.  Before becoming a lawyer, she was a diplomat with the Canadian foreign service, working as part of Canada’s trade negotiations team.  Beyond her skills as a business lawyer and diplomat, Victoria has experience as an executive in a high-performance home building in South America and in biomass generation in Alberta.  Victoria is now enthused to bring the variety of experience she has to the work that BOTH and the Council.

Stephen Magernon

Stephen Margernon – is Ontario manager of Homesol Building Solutions Inc.

Magneron has been with Homesol for more than 10 years. He is a Registered Energy Advisor for EnerGuide, ENERGY STAR, R-2000 and Net Zero and is also Passive House consultant and PHIUS+ Verifier.





Andrew Oding
Andrew Oding – is Vice President, Director of Building Science of Building Knowledge Canada

With an extensive background as a builder for30+ years Andrew brings a real-life practicality to building science principles and their in-field applications. An engaging speaker and industry recognized leader, Mr. Oding and the BKC team works with over 350+ builder clients across North America . As a recognized building science trainer by the government of Canada-Office of Energy Efficiency, Building Science Specialist (University of Toronto), and HVAC designer (HRAI), Mr. Oding is working closely with the development of the new National Building Code of Canada, proposed tiered code -Standing Committee on Energy Efficiency in Housing and Building, the re-development of ASHRAE 90.2 SSPC Energy efficiency standard for low-rise residential buildings and 90.2 and many advanced building programs. Oding is well known for his work with Net Zero Housing, Chairing the CHBA Net Zero Council and Management Committee at it’s inception from 2014-2016 . As one of Canada’s first qualified NZ Qualified Energy Advisor and Trainer, Andrew and the BKC team have over 850+ NZ Home projects and communities completed as of 2022 , working with some of North Americas finest builders and community developers.

Ian Scholten

Ian Scholten – is the Director of Efficiency and Transportation at Indigenous Clean Energy.

In this role, he oversees the Bringing It Home programs which included organizing Registered Energy Advisor training for a cohort of 17 Indigenous people across Canada and the Project Accelerator – providing training and funding for 16 communities nationwide to develop community-scale deep energy efficiency projects. He is passionate about engaging communities in important discussions about their energy futures and helping make those visions a reality. When he’s not at work, you can find Ian out on the trails enjoying nature with his partner Mel, making sawdust as a budding woodworker, or working to make his own home more energy efficient, durable, and healthy!

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