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Kitchen and bath upgrades that can win you loyal clients for life

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As a contractor, you know that your clients want you to provide them with a happier and healthier home environment. The product choices can be overwhelming, but there are easy upgrades that you can provide for homeowners with just small changes. Some great areas to start with are spaces that your clients use every day. Kitchens and bathrooms top that list.


KOHLER Sensate Touchless Faucet

Changing out hardware on cabinets and drawers, adding a backsplash or giving your client’s sink space a much needed refresh can make a big impact. Some kitchen sinks offer easier swap out ability than others – for example, the KOHLER Whitehaven self-trimming sink offers an apron that matches standard measurements that will allow your client to keep their bottom cabinets. The self-trimming apron on this sink overlaps the cabinet face and cuts down on installation time and cost. Additionally, upgrading your customer’s kitchen faucet can add great functionality and design to their space. There are myriad options to help you find the right faucet for your client. Ask them how they like using their faucet. Do they like having a side spray or do they prefer a pull-down faucet? Do they want to upgrade to touchless to help cut back on germs in the space? If so, KOHLER’s Sensate Touchless faucet is a great choice.


KOHLER Bidet Toilet Seat

In the bathroom, some of the easiest upgrades to consider are toilet seats, accessories, showerheads and faucets. KOHLER offers toilet seats with Quick Release hinges to allow easier removing for better cleaning, and Quiet Close to reduce and eliminate slamming. Upgrading a toilet seat to a bidet seat is made easy with the many options offered by KOHLER, including the Puretide bidet seat that provides water cleansing with no electricity needed. Other bidet models at different price points and features include heated seats and deodorizers.

HydroRail Shower System from KOHLER

In the showering space, changing out a standard showerhead to a new one – or to a handshower – is an easy, quick upgrade. Newer options in the market like the KOHLER HydroRail system allow you to add a handshower to your client’s fixed showerhead with no behind-wall installation – the system secures directly to the front of the shower wall and runs from the showerhead to the handshower to give the space a more luxurious feel!

KOHLER Verdera wall-mounted medicine cabinet.

Since Canadians seem to be in constant need of more space to store things, consider enhancing your client’s accessories and cabinet storage. Accessory collections like the KOHLER Draft collection give you flexibility to install the bases but interchange the components as often as your client likes. Plus the sleek design will give the space an instant style upgrade. If your client is struggling to declutter their countertop space, another great solution is a medicine cabinet with easy installation and immediate storage options, such as the KOHLER Verdera wall-mounted medicine cabinet.

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