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Reasons to Renovate: Winter Windows Edition

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JELD-WEN vinyl window with winter scene

Winter is coming. It’s not too late for a window replacement.

Winter is coming. For some, this catch phrase may inspire excitement about a certain hit TV series. For homeowners, it means hunkering down and getting their houses prepared for cold winds, low temperatures and the necessity of an efficient heating system. Windows play an important role in both keeping people comfortable in their homes, and ensuring that their utility bill is as low as possible. Here are some excellent reasons to upgrade windows before winter hits.

Air Leaks & Drafts
One common symptom of ill-functioning windows is air leaks and drafts. These can be especially noticeable in the winter, particularly on a cold and windy day. No one should have to wear their parka around the house. Installing new Tripane windows is an excellent way to seal up a home, keeping the warm air in and the cold air out.

Leaks are a Loss
The cost of heating a home in a cold climate is expensive enough, without air leaks and drafts. If heated air is leaking out of windows, this means even a high-efficiency furnace will have to work extra-hard to keep a house warm and comfortable. Sure, upgrading windows isn’t cheap, but when you calculate the energy savings, over years of time, it starts to add up to a significant sum. Not to mention, the increased value to a home provided by new windows.

For info on how to find and fix air leaks, visit the JELD-WEN blog.

Increased Value
Depending on the condition of a home’s windows, there may be huge energy savings and increased property value to be had from a full replacement. The single-pane wood windows on a 1940s character home may be charming, but chances are they aren’t doing a very good job of insulating the home and increasing its value on the property market. New, energy efficient windows, such as Tripane models from JELD-WEN, can have huge value-boosting potential.

How do Energy Efficient Windows work?

Tripane windows from JELD-WEN feature three panes of glass separated by argon gas. This creates an airtight seal, sure to keep inside air in, and outside air out. This means a furnace doesn’t need to run as hard, or at as high of a temperature, to keep a home toasty warm. It also works the same way in the summer, keeping air-conditioned air from escaping into the hot outdoors. Energy efficient windows offer year-round energy savings in most climates, especially if they utilize Low-E glass.

What is Low-E Glass?

Low-E glass receives a low-emissivity coating when being manufactured to serve a specific function, such as blocking UV rays for less heat gain, or allowing in UV rays for heat gain. Homeowners can actually “comfort engineer” their homes, choosing the correct Low-E glass for each room, with respect to their heating or cooling preference.

“But isn’t it too cold outside to have my windows replaced?”

The idea of having windows replaced in the middle of autumn or winter can be somewhat worrisome. Homeowners have nothing to fear, as most professional window installers can complete a full window replacement in a day. It is common for most window contractors to work year-round, in temperatures as cold as -20 Celsius.

To summarize, homeowners can make the most of new windows by encouraging upgrading before winter. New windows:

    • Can help keep a home warm and comfortable even in cold weather
    • Can help keep energy bills as low as possible, even while running a furnace or fireplace
    • Can increase the re-sale value of a home
    • Give homeowners access to customization options to increase the comfort and appearance of a home
    • Can be installed year-round, so there is no need to wait for spring

For a handy assortment of consumer-centric product literature, excellent for planning a renovation or learning about products, head to Also, be sure to check out the always-useful MyJW app.


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