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Electricians tops in hourly pay

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The numbers are in and electricians are making the most money. According to the website, the average January 2012 weekly earnings for electricians in the construction sector rose 3.2 per cent over 2011 to $29.88, assuming a 36-hour work week.

To no one’s surprise, Alberta construction pay cheques continue to top the charts, with the average wage at $29.85 per hour. The lowest average hourly rate was in Fredericton, NB, at $20.58.

In the Golden Horseshoe around Toronto, the average was $25.41, rising to $26.19 in Toronto itself. Montreal was lowest for major cities at $23.00 per hour and Vancouver was at $23.21.

Somewhat lower on the pay scale than electricians, carpenters and plumbers in the Toronto area make approximately $25 per hour, while in Calgary they make $30 hourly. Painters make $20 per hour in Toronto and $29 in Calgary.





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10 Comments » for Electricians tops in hourly pay
  1. Gervais Pouliot says:

    Electricians in Quebec city $34.00 per hour.

  2. In today’s life its really hard to find an electrician who can fit into your requirements, and also in your budget.
    Choosing the right person is really very necessary as wrong person can even make the situation more critical.

  3. chris says:

    Really late to read your post Steve, but now scratching my head as to why, as a small, non-union EC, we are paying our electrician $30 an hour from a year ago and he wants a raise (and certainly deserves one) because most of the other electricians he knows make more then he does???
    I can’t imagine an Electrician being paid only $29 by their Elec Contractor, especially in the more expensive area’s of Canada.
    I assume, of course, these are non-union amounts? Seems so low.

  4. Bob says:

    Where did these numbers come from it must non union rates. Insulators ake 38.84 per hr plus benifits of 12.93 per hr compay paid a total of $51.77 per hr.

  5. Larry Rendall says:

    Those of you who buy into this misinformation about unions need to study past history. Before unions individuals had no clout when seeking adequate compensation for work done. If the writer thinks that lower wages here, in Canada, will solve the issue, he fails to realise that Canadians will barely be able to afford the essentials such as food, rent, utilities etc. What happens to our economy then? I suggest that any of the readers still in doubt, investigate all aspects of this question completely and in depth before buying in to this fallacy.
    Larry Rendall

  6. Lisa Durham says:

    In today’s life it’s really hard to search out an electrician who can fit into your necessities, and additionally in your budget. Choosing the proper person is actually very necessary as wrong person will even create matters additional essential.

  7. Steve says:

    Calgary commercial electrician rates as of today are
    Union $43/hr
    Non union $38/hr

    Base rate

  8. Josh says:

    Those said rates must be for Resi guys. Many of whom are peice workers. I was in comercial for over 10 years and we always made a good $5 more than the residential Electricians.
    $38 as a benchmark for licensed guys would be a nice goal for the GTA. I think as a whole Electricians need to set the bar higher in Non Union jobs. We are expected to be safe and follow all the rules. If someone gets hurt we are all liable.

  9. CME Albera says:

    Feb 2015. As a non union commercial/industrial red seal master electrician in Alberta I would find it hard to get out of bed for less than 40 per hour plus vacation pension and benefits package. I know others who make significantly more. 46 and 50 per hr is not uncommon for guys in the alberta oil patch.

  10. Bakare Joshua says:

    Hi my name is Mr Bakare Joshua. I am a qualify Electrician based in Nigeria. I want to come down to Canada to work. Am therefore looking for a good contractor that can help me in both visa processing and work to Canada.
    I will be grateful if you can help me. Here is my Mobile number; +2348135143535. Thank you for your quick response.

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