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My guess is that [the unlicensed electrician who was sent to jail] will get caught in another province…

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Lots of you have said the 30-day jail term for Richard D. Hazel, for doing unlicensed, unsafe electrical work - a repeat offender - is too much. But an almost equal number give the jail term a thumbs up.

Some of you have posted that you disagree with the Ontario court’s decision to jail Richard D. Hazel for 30 days for being a repeat-offender in the underground, unlicensed, permitless and unsafe electrical work racket.

But lots of you support the jail term (a first in Ontario history for an unlicensed electrician).

Here’s a comment from Robert Sloan, Langstaff and Sloan…

“Just in case anyone out there thinks this is excessive, we have a staff of 10 and mostly do residential renovations. This year our permit fees will exceed $50,000. My guess is that next time this guy will get caught in another province and his already lengthy criminal record will not apply as it would here in Ontario.”



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1 Comment » for My guess is that [the unlicensed electrician who was sent to jail] will get caught in another province…
  1. Questo says:

    The Answer to the bull-crap system we have in this Ontario Province is:
    The trades Licence or certification by the MTCU should be only one, with photo ID like the Licence drivers, no need for the OCOT and the ECRA/ESA too. In that can be displayed the experience and categories of the licence. If any updates on the license through college curses could be update right at any college or through to any government agencies.

    MTCU trades Licence, like in some European countries you are a trades man/women, you are deemed a pro, you do your trades work, you sign it for; one copy of your work term responsibility goes to the home owner, another goes to the utility provider, another goes to the local city, if is need it, and in some cases more copies, goes to the insurance company, which insures the property where the work was performed, and furthermore to the bank/ banks mortgage providers.

    The trades people will keep records of their work, where, when and to whom their work was done.

    This way no false trades people will have the ability to perform illegal work. Nor the owners are allowed to do trades work for them selves, ( unlikely here when stupidity plays a rule) if offers dangers, like gas and electricity, in some cases plumbing too, unless they are trades people themselves in that category.

    The trades license could have special codes fixtures can be traced very rapid and with the technological machines we have today that can be done.

    The reason these side agencies were created under the guise of all source of protection was to the purpose of tax grabs, nothing more.

    If the costumer enters into any work contract should be response able for checking to whom he/she/ contracts, regarding license matters.

    Apparently the Ontario government became a baby sister in these matters for profit able business. Like throwing people in jail, no difference then tools in use for another private business.

    The Liberals are corrupted and response able for this mess, in Ontario Province, none of them went to jail for the 3 billion dollars f,,, up so far, why?

    Things can be put in way a lot simple to serve both, the public and the trades people, but will not serve the Liberal creations, side agencies tax grab.

    The Sudbury by-election clearly shows us the intentions of this Government, the drunkenness in power not the real democracy.

    Sometimes the reality is harder to fathom, and what looks real is only an elusion. Only depends on the Ontario people to choose to continuum to leave under this elusion or fix things back to reality.

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