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National Building Code should be available online, free of charge!

Canadian Contractor

Contractor reader Yvan Labbe asks why he can't access the National Building Code online, for free. A very good question, we think.

We asked last week for your comments on the National Building Code (NBC). There’s a poll at the right hand side of this site, where you can tell us whether you use the NBC and, if not, why not.

We’ve had a lot of feedback already. Such as this comment from Yvan Labbe, who asks a question I have often asked myself: Why should Canadians, in this online day and age, have to pay to access any government regulations whatsoever? Especially ones pertaining to building safely. Here’s how Yvan put it…

“Yes, I have used the National Building Code. I would use it a lot more often if I did not have to pay for it. As far as I am concerned, it should be available online free of charge so that people can refer to it. If not free you should be able to pay a bit to get to read different sections or pay so much per day to use it.”


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