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No changes to Canada's laws should be allowed due to 'religious beliefs'

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You want to wear a turban on a construction site in place of a hard hat, claiming religious freedom? You shouldn't be allowed to immigrate to this country in the first place, some readers say.

Here’s a final word on the Turbans and Hardhats story.

It seems that construction workers have been able to, in some cases, get safety laws overridden if they wish to wear turbans, rather than safety headgear, on a jobsite.

Here’s what Jacques N. Arbic posted this week:

“I fully agree with the comments and suggestion made by Lyle Donaldson (that prospective immigrants to Canada be shown a summary of important laws in Canada, including the requirement to comply with health and safety laws, regardless of religious “headgear” practices in their homelands).”


“If you are immigrating to Canada you should follow the Laws laid out by the Provinces, and no changes should be allowed due to religious beliefs or whatever. Laws are implemented for everyone, not the chosen few., in most circumstance. Why should the taxpayer pay because of your beliefs; you want to be exempt from the laws. There should be no reason that prohibits the wearing of a hard hat, or any other safety gear, no matter what. Otherwise why do we write laws and have company’s spend large sums of money to implement safety regulations if for some reason or another, some individuals can circumvent the law. I does not make any sense.”


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4 Comments » for No changes to Canada's laws should be allowed due to 'religious beliefs'
  1. G. Schnase says:

    I also fully agree that immigrants should be advised of our laws and requirements prior to being given permission to immigrate to this country, so they can chose whether or not to come here. If they chose to come, then they need to acknowledge that they’ll abide by our rules.
    If you go to another country you need to be prepared to adopt its rules and customs and not try and impose your own. If you want to live under your own rules and customs, stay home.
    Good luck finding a polititian with the balls to institute this.

  2. R. Northey says:

    I also agree. If I went to another country to live or work I went there because there is work and I love what the country is in a whole. So when you arrive you should be handed and agreed this is the laws & rules. If we keep letting immigrants into our country and they keep changing it , it will not be the reason you wanted to come here in the first place. If immigrants come here to change the rules they need to stay were they are, this would be the main reason they are leaving there own country. Quit trying to change our beautiful CANADA ! Come here and abide, Canadians do !

  3. R Brennan says:

    Bottom line, it does not matter, on our job site you wear Personal protection properly or you do not work, I don’t care who you are. NO exemptions.

    A falling circular saw does not care what religion you are, neither do I!

    … religion has absolutely nothing to do with it! Safety is before all else.

  4. Mel Kozun says:

    Religious Freedom? There is no such thing in Canada. The Supreme court has ruled the constitution guarantees us freedom FROM religion.

    If you CHOOSE not to work on a site that requires you wear approved safety head gear because you CHOOSE to allow it to interfere with your religious CHOICE, then go find another place to work.

    It’s no differernt that if you CHOOSE to work in the service industry where adult beverages are part of the job. You CHOOSE to fulfill the duties of your job, or you CHOOSE to make your religious beliefs more important than the job, then go find another place to work.

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