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Not just specifically this Smartwall product, but many others with revolutionize our industry

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"The main reason we will see this transformation is: Shortage of Skilled Labour.”

We recently posted a blurb about a new product called Smartwall. It’s made by an Ontario company, DRIcore. The folks at DRIcore claim that it can help you finish a basement up to FIVE times faster than traditional drywall methods.

D. Brian Baker posted this comment in reply.

“Steve, not just specifically this product but many (others) will revolutionize our industry. The main reason we will see this transformation is: “Shortage of Skilled Labour.” Manufacturers must find ways to deliver the goods that consumers demand better, faster and more cost effectively – with little disruption to their already hectic life schedules.

Based on what I see, my industry, HVACR, will in the not-so-distant future (utilize) systems that are modular and simply plug-and-play with a conductivity connection that is set up and commissioned by some young tech sitting at a terminal in his home halfway around the world.


We know that not all skilled trades can be or will be eliminated, but the need to free up time (will mean that only) those with essential skills will rule the day.

At the end of the day it will be consumers who either embrace this or reject it. Look at how our parents embraced disposable diapers and all these plastics, etc., and now look what’s happening: The next generation is rejecting all of this including excess packaging, etc.

Only time will tell. Until then bring on the next wave of building systems and products.”

Edited version of D. Brian Baker’s original post


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