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UPDATED: ‘Regulatory and administrative oversight’ of Ontario College of Trades transferred to Ministry of Labour

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But there is no indication they will stop collecting millions of dollars in annual fees from already licensed tradespeople


An earlier (May 18) version of this story said that the Ontario College of Trades was transferring its “policing” to the Ontario Ministry of Labour. A letter to Canadian Contractor today from David Tsubouchi, the OCOT’s Registrar and CEO, says that it is not the “policing” but the “regulatory and administrative oversite” of the College that is being transferred to the Ministry of Labour, from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Tsubouchi writes: “I would like to assure your readers that the College’s enforcement officers will continue to enforce the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009 as it applies to the 22 compulsory trades in Ontario…”  See the full letter here.

The Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) is transferring its “regulatory and administrative oversight” to the province’s Ministry of Labour (MOL), effective immediately, according to a news item in the Daily Commercial News.

The publication says it got this news from a May 9 memo co-signed by MOL acting deputy minister Sophie Dennie and the Ministry of Trades Colleges and Universities (MCTU) deputy minister Sheldon Levy, and distributed to “industry stakeholders.”


When OCOT commenced operations in 2013 (i.e., billing already licensed and certified plumbers, electricians, HVAC mechanics, sheet metal workers and numerous other trades what were and are essentially surcharges on their existing credentials), its promoters frequently stated that the OCOT would be “self-governing,” moving enforcement of trades credentials from the MOL and the MCTU to the trades themselves.

So much for that.

Now that “regulatory and administrative oversight” seems to be moving back to the MOL, it remains to be seen what justification the OCOT will offer for maintaining offices – and dozens of employees – in some of Canada’s highest priced real estate at Bay Street and Wellesley Street in Toronto. Or for that matter, for continuing to bill already-licensed trades some $135 annually for the privilege of not being fined – and called out on OCOT’s public website as non-compliant – for not paying the OCOT fee.



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8 Comments » for UPDATED: ‘Regulatory and administrative oversight’ of Ontario College of Trades transferred to Ministry of Labour
  1. Questo says:

    Hi to everyone on the compulsory trades in Ontario.

    In this link apparently show that, the way Mr. Tuna David trying to go around or miss-leading the trades people.

    Please open and read, when he says the OCOT issues compulsory certifications, are you right Mr. Tuna David? who does issue the certificates is the OCOT or the MTCU.

    Mr. Tuna David, your pass political on Mike Harris era government was a disaster. Why did you accept the OCOT CEO position? Were you not part of the teacher college when a free vote took place?

    Why are you in this college of money grab? Does it feel good collecting close or over 200k a year on the hard working trades people?

    Have you stop at least once on the front of a mirror, and ask your self what kind of human being are you? What kind of work you do for the betterment of the society? Have you ever search deep in you conscious? what do you see? Greed only, its all about money isn’t it?

    How would you feel if you have been striped out of you trade certification? Either you pay this insane Ontario Corruption on Trades so called license or wouldn’t be allowed to operate, its a apparent violation of the human rights code in Canada and the UN which Canada is a signatory of.

    How would you feel if you go into other Canadian provinces and territories and your certification will be accepted with no problems, or in other world countries?

    Mr. Tuna David, you are a gambling lawyer aren’t you? Do you representing a casino called OCOT? It looks more and more like a money collection agency, a casino to employee the parasites.

    Who voted for you Mr. Tuna David to be the CEO? You were appointed,
    and you claim the trades people have a say on the OCOT, Really? Sense when? When and where the free vote took place to set the OCOT in motion so claimed to represent the compulsory trades?

    I don’t need a agency of parasites or money grabs to represent me, nor I believe the majority of the compulsory trades people need you and your insane none for profit org, money grabbers.

    Please do us a favor, stop in front of any mirror you can find, give a deep look into your self, and ask, why are you representing an agency of parasites?

    Life is a cycle, of cycles, if in your conscious you could do good for the betterment of human kind and you diced not to, for money and greed reasons, false fame, and others, its a grave sin on your karma. What ever you done in full conscious for collective disbarment, for your profit and any associates its you karma at the flame.

    When come the time for you to pass, you will see the film of your life, will be no judges to condemm you. You will chose you own condemnation road of your next life cycle freely, you wouldn’t be forced in it, nor be coerced. Wouldn’t be no legislation apparatus to create laws to protect you from your self inflicting karma greed.

    • Mark Mitchell says:

      God Bless you Questo. It’s been a pleasure fighting this nuisance with you, and I hope we have seen the last of these cancerous enforcers. Time to get back to our real work, and make some money!

  2. Wayne Newmarch says:

    There is no way that we as trades persons need to pay $135 per year to keep our licences.

    To have the most expensive property in Canada as place to rip us from is ludicrous

    They can operate from a small office out side of Toronto for a lot less!!!

  3. Bernard Melloul says:

    Our socialist state is taking and closer stand towards communist ways supporting dictatorships at the expense of the working man. Shame on all of them who schemed the idea to have labour steal money from our provincial workforce.

  4. Ginny Battersby says:

    Leeches and parasites. Typical Ontario Liberal government money grabbing bullshit. I hate them with a white hot burning hatred. May they all rot in hell.

  5. Maybe this is the first step to their demise. They now have lost their teeth. Maybe they will now fizzle out.

  6. Questo says:

    Amazing links

    The Liberals waste no time on the disgrace -full avenue.

    If Miss Wynne have a little bit of decency left, also some of her government, not the peoples of Ontario government, should used it to quite and never show up in public again.

    All fraudulent, money collection agencies in the name of public protection and consumers protection should be closed in asap manner. We the People of Ontario, are paying an absurdity on tax in different forms, just to watch a theater of fascism sociopaths.

    Its scandals after scandals with no end, just wait until the wind power fiasco be known, then the people of Ontario will see the kind of politicians they have voted in it, at least for those vote for these mess.

    Its absolute insane, there is no character, no honesty, no integrity, no responsibility, no accountability, no desire to do good, its a misery.
    Its all about them, the liberals, and their special interests lobbying groups of opportunists, buying all they can, public assets, including trades people certificates.

    Miss Wynne its apparent the people of Ontario with decency on their hearts no longer need you, and your attitude, Thanks for your disgrace work, take with you all the side agencies money grabbers place them on somewhere which no body can see them again.

  7. Doug says:

    Well this is no surprise since all the fines collected by the Ocot enforcement went to the local municipality in which the fine was issued. With MOL taking over the fines now go to the provincial coffers instead.

    Unlike Ontario some provinces charge only a one time registration fee for your RED SEAL. Some even go as far as accepting your C of Q even if it has expired in a province that charges you annually to maintain the office bureaucracy to let you know that it expired and you are no longer allowed to work.

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