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Our survey says: Your biggest headache is… marketing

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Our 7th annual Salary Survey, at the printer now (check here tomorrow for the digital edition), asked almost 40 questions. One of them was "What's Giving You the Most Grief?" It's marketing.

In our Salary Survey, conducted in December and January (results to appear in our March/April DIGITAL EDITION, bottom of this website, as early as tomorrow), we asked you “What’s Giving You Grief?”

Specifically, we asked you to rate, on a scale of 1 (little difficulty) to 5 (a lot of difficulty) each of the following non-building areas of running your contracting business. Marketing rates as the biggest challenge, which it does consistently, every year. The old days of a Yellow Pages ad and a lawn sign are, alas, long gone.

Here are the results (378 respondents):

Marketing 2.10
Estimating 2.01
Project management 1.96
Employees/Subtrades 1.94
Customer relations 1.84
Administration 1.81
Accounting and finance 1.76


1.00 = Little difficulty        5.00 = A lot of difficulty


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