Canadian Contractor

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Canadian Contractor

You could win a DeWalt cordless table saw!

Is his apprentice fishing in the wrong pond?

Doug Fisher finds himself in a bit of a mess. He is a 35-year old contractor with a young team of carpenters and trades, and a list of successful projects over the past few years. His clients are tending to be wealthier and the projects more complex. He loves the challenge of luxury custom homebuilding. “Bring it on!” he says. Fisher’s problem surrounds his current project, an impressive country home for the wealthy Soderstroms. Bjorn and Eva have been great clients in every respect. However, the Soderstroms have a beautiful 19-year old daughter, Marit. She started visiting the site a few months ago with her parents and took a very obvious liking to Robbie Kidd, a 25-year old apprentice carpenter. One thing quickly led to another, and now Robbie and Marit are seeing a lot of each other, especially over weekends. At first, Marit didn’t tell her parents. Now Marit has told Robbie that she wants her parents to know about their relationship because she thinks they’ll really like him. Robbie goes to his boss, Doug Fisher, to let him know what’s about to happen.

1. Turn a blind eye. It’s a personal issue.
2. Tell Robbie to keep his relationship with Marit under wraps. Don’t meet the parents!
3. Strongly suggest that Robbie breaks off with Marit until the project is over because it puts Doug’s business relationship in jeopardy.
4. Something else. Please explain.

Email your answer to John Bleasby
(The winner will be announced October 30 on this website.)


Your suggested solution can be one of the above ideas, a combination, or your own idea entirely.
Please explain your reasoning in up to 300 words of text.

The best contractor submitted entry, as judged by our editors, will win a DeWalt rugged 60V MAX* 8-1/4” cordless WIN Table Saw (DCS7485), approximate retail value $699.


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