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Ontario WSIB’s $400,000-a-year CEO David Marshall gets another two years at the trough

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Marshall acknowledges that he won't win any popularity contests. Certainly not among the estimated 80,000 owner-operator contractors who were previously exempt from WSIB, but who got roped into paying into it as part of a plan that earned Marshall a $400,000 bonus.

I. David Marshall, for the past five years the WSIB’s top bureaucrat at $400,000 per annum (not to mention his recent $400,000 bonus), will be staying at the tr… – excuse us, the post – for another two years, the Ontario government has announced.

Marshall, 69, qualified for his $400,000 bonus at the end of his first five-year term for coming up with a scheme to reduce the WSIB’s unfunded liability. It dropped from $14-million to $9-billion, according to the Toronto Star.

Controversially for Canadian Contractor‘s renovator and small business homebuilders, Marshall’s plan to attack the WSIB’s financial shortfall included, as part of Bill 119, forcing more classes of contractors into making mandatory payments (such as owners and officers of companies).

In the Toronto Star article, Marshall acknowledges that he won’t win any popularity contests since “everybody loves to hate the WSIB,” but that he feels the WSIB is the best workplace insurance entity in North America.


Let us know what you think about that.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story (Feb. 4 ) stated, incorrectly, that David Marshall “will receive an extra 9-months’ pay… for helping to groom his successor” at the end of his new, two-year term. Christine Arnott, a spokesperson at the WSIB, emailed us this: “You report that Mr. Marshall qualified for a $400,000 bonus, which is true. However, Mr. Marshall will not be receiving a performance bonus and has accepted a wage freeze as part of his new contract.” Canadian Contractor apologizes for the error.


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16 Comments » for Ontario WSIB’s $400,000-a-year CEO David Marshall gets another two years at the trough
  1. Dave says:

    Tough wage freeze at $400,000, I guess all of the small business owners in Ontario paid for the deficit reduction and this guys wages and bonuses!
    The government institutions of this province and country are killing all businesses but really are making an effort to destroy small independent companies. the chasm between the ultra rich and the rest of us is growing at an uncontrollable rate, when will we wake up?

    • Chris Langman says:

      Now is your chance to wake up, vote with your wallet and stop paying them!

      Bill 119 should have been the last straw for small construction businesses to stand up to the crooks at Queens Park

  2. Sean Keane says:

    One item I find of major importance when reading this particular article is not the disgusting fact that this man still remains the head of this deplorable organization, it is the note about Ms Arnott: It is abundantly clear she has read your articles. I would love to hear from Ms Arnott as to the many accusations I have made about WSIB in Canadian Contractor and on this site.

    For example, I would love to have an explanation from the WSIB, how is it WSIAT have constantly and legitimately overturned Audit and ARO decisions dealing with the Independent Operator issue, not once, not twice but hundreds of times since 1992? WSIAT has used the same data and reference on each occasion to indemnify the entity accused by their audit department of have broken the rules. Clearly she should be able to provide us all details of how this fraudulent process continues to this day. Would the WSIB provide us with the basis and the reasoning behind ignoring the many WSIAT decisions ignored by WSIB audit department that refect that on every occasion the Audit department has acted improperly.

    Or is the answer clear that many people love to hate the WSIB and Mr. Marshall simply refuses to address the issue and allows this form of negligent action to go unchecked and continue – all in the cause of lowering their unfunded liability? clearly paints a picture of defiance when we search decisions dealing with independent operators. Is this what Mr. Marshall alludes to as we love to hate WSIB?

    Injured workers and the entire medical profession would also like to comprehend how family doctors and other medical professionals are second guessed by Doctors and nurses hired by the WSIB. How these paid-for physicians are more superior than an emergency doctor or a family doctor. On behalf of those injured workers who are refused by WSIB, I would ask how is it that the same worker denied is offered ODSP for the same impairment?

    Will Mr. Marshall or Ms Arnott admit that any of the above even exists> Could they even admit exist. Or even that the WSIB is being sued for the wrongful act of destroying the business depicted on the site. I would love to here them comment on this.


  3. Paul Sentesy says:

    Remember when the WSIB had millions in surplus ? Where did
    that all go ? It is trough feeding further up the food chain that we
    should be worried about. That means a change in government
    in a general sense.

  4. Marten Burghgraaef says:

    How come my WSIB is at 9% or so and in BC it is at 1.5% or so. Are we that much more dangerous?

  5. Patrick Grieco says:

    Am I the only one wondering what’s coming next? He managed to reduce the liability by $5 billion by taking the money out of my pocket and every other contractor who used to be exempt. What plan does he have up his sleeve for the other $9 billion? Significant increases in our premiums?

  6. Thomas Thomas says:

    Can’t understand CEO David Marshall getting a $400,000.00 bonus on our backs. Isn’t his well paid job to do his job, to find savings, to consult, to partner with stakeholders.
    I’m a self employed contractor and wsib say since I pay my wife to income split and do the books , we must register her and pay $2000.00 (9.1%)she might get a paper cut!!!!
    Enough already, it’s no wonder the underground economy is growing exponentially
    I’d be happy to take mr Marshall’s job and give our tax payers a 50%reduction of his salary
    The trough these bureaucrats feed at has to stop!!!!
    Mr Marshall you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

  7. Questo says:

    Apparently Mr Marshall, WSIB CEO, and a lot more CEO’s of parasitic agencies in this Ontario Province, Queens Park Liberal creations, are no different then the true sociopaths.

    A true sociopath either ends up in jail at on early age or if intelligent enough rises up to be a CEO of larger corporation.

    How can this insane robot, able to collet all this wages knowingly the WSIB have a tremendous deb?

    In my opinion those CEO’s, mere robots, they are not even human, theirs censes of human have been lost long time ago, and what we see is only a human form body, or a shell acting like a robot, for sure under orders from some shadow figures at the background.

    Ontario Province apparently is in need of a large clean up of these parasitic agencies and theirs CEO’s. Great place for them, Antartica I believe.

  8. Rick says:

    This whole WSIB thing is all about them, although they say it’s to make us safe & protected. The solution is simple. Make it law that every worker must have coverage for working in Ontario, and that the coverage must meet an minimum standard.
    Further, the worker can be fined by what’s left of WSIB if they don’t have coverage, and also make the employer responsible to ensure that their workers either have coverage or provide it for them, at the employee’s expense.
    WSIB workforce could be reduced to inspectors who could demand proof of coverage from workers with an immediate fine for the worker & also a larger fine for employers who hire non-covered workers.

  9. Colin Clark says:

    Alas, as no government will ever address WSIB’s abhorring practice of exterminating injured workers for profit, we shall continue to die on the street.

  10. R G Bonspiel says:

    Isn’t this amazing I am constantly fight the wsib for medical aid , this guy Russel not is saying that my injury is pre existing what a crock ,amazing after some 35 yrs not it has became pre existing .
    I wonder how this person can make medical descions about my injury when he has medical back ground , perhaps he should look up the boards diff of pre existing .
    Is crazy how I have to go through the a crazy maze to get service which takes 2 yrs mean while who pays for my therapy ? and also they denie me medicine that helps my back and knee the the just don’t give f”@”” .
    But it’s ok to give Marshall a $400,000 bonuse because he screwed the disabled .
    Are you not impressed about this and his so called given injured workers the best medical aid ?

  11. Robert Allman says:

    WSIB is another poorly run government organized company, that is not helping injured workers get the benefits they are entitle too.But have the extra monies there to offer very large bonuses to their employees, oh and have you seen there office? where you ask, downtown TORONTO .Things need to change now!!

  12. Dennis Delaney says:

    I love the $400,000 bonus he got after 4 years and those of us who are trying to live on WSIB’s payment from a work place injury and a .5% increase for the cost of living. Nice job if you can get it – thank-you Ms Whyn and the Ont. Liberal party.

  13. Michael says:

    I’m paying for a service that I will never benefit from !! If WSIB has shortfalls then that is their problem don’t make me pay for it !! And where the hell did that bonus come from and how could anyone on WSIB payroll make a greater annual salary than the president of the United States !! Scam within a scam

  14. How does WSIB expect the owners of a company to pay into WSIB knowing full well that the owners (self-employed) will never file a accident with WSIB because we continue to work even if hurt. Self-employed, small business is what makes this country work, yet small business are the ones to be hit behind the ears to keep the CEO’s of larger companies and firms in the high life style.

  15. Nick says:

    The real issue with WSIB it that the institution breaks all competition laws. If the insurance company’s were allowed to cover workers….that would be near the end for WSIB. I pay for my guys and myself and it is based on what we all earn. No owner operator wants hurt employees so why does the WSIB hurt business owners who would want choice. Get rid of employees in the government who earn more the the PM.

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