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Spray foam has become standard for many insulating applications where batt insulation is too difficult to install evenly or where there is not enough room to install sufficient amounts to provide the R value desired. Because of its ability to fill small opening and provide a vapour barrier as well as insulation value, it also makes the job of insulation easier, but it required a subtrade with specialized equipment to install it even in small amounts.

Dow Chemical is now offering Froth-Pak, a two part, closed-cell, low-pressure polyurethane spray foam in a variety of kit sizes that can be purchased and installed by anyone after some basic training.

Froth-Pak spray insulation has all the characteristics you need in a spray foam. It provides one of the highest R-values available (6.6 per inch after initial application, and 5.5 per inch for aged foam) and adheres to common building materials such as wood, rigid foam, masonry, metal and drywall. The INSTA-FLOTM Dispensing Spray Gun from Dow features patented anti-crossover nozzles for ultimate safety and elimination of product waste by allowing for precise metering in tight spaces.

The Class-A rating (flame spread index of 25 or less) of Froth-Pak Foam Insulation qualifies it as effective insulation and sealant for wall, attic and crawl space applications. It is also well suited for roof/wall junctions, stud wall cavities, cold floors above unheated areas, such as living area above garage and plumbing wall pipe. As an air sealant, FROTH-PAK Foam Sealant is an ideal choice for many applications that require a maximum 4” wide strip of sealant, including wall/attic penetrations; wall cavity perimeter air sealing; electrical, mechanical and plumbing penetrations; and other gaps, cracks or crevices in the building envelope. Froth-Pak foam sealant has a flame spread of 25† at a maximum width of 4″ and maximum thickness of 2″.

Dow’s national partners in Canada offering our Froth-Pak product are Home Hardware stores, TimBRMart Stores and Canadian Industrial Distributor (CID).




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