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Damon Bennett on how to stop moisture trapping on your builds

Robert Koci   


Damon Bennett of Bennett Construction and former builder with Mike Holmes talks about the power of social media and quality building envelopes.

In this video, I chat with contractor Damon Bennett, the “brand ambassador” for CertainTeed Insulation.

Damon’s job is to educate both contractors and homeowners about building envelope issues – and how CertainTeed has unique products to help solve moisture-trapping that can create severe mould and mildew problems.

Here, Damon name checks products like Sustainable Insulation™ and MemBrain™, the latter a vapour barrier that lets moisture out.


Bennett is a well-known TV personality and public speaker, and is also involved in charities that assist Canadian veterans. He has been working in the building and contracting industry for 28 years and currently operates Damon Bennett Construction. For nearly 10 years, Bennett has appeared regularly on HGTV home improvement and home renovation programming, including co-hosting HOLMES Inspection.

In addition to having two renovation shows in development for two different networks, Bennett can be seen in guest expert segments on Cityline and is the home renovation and repair expert for EZ TV Online.

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4 Comments » for Damon Bennett on how to stop moisture trapping on your builds
  1. Paul says:

    Robert, you should be careful interviewing people “ambassador” who does not really understand the physics of moisture entrapment in building envelopes! and a comment about R-2000 homes, based on what???

    • Avatar photo Steve Payne says:

      Hey Paul, thanks for your comment. We will ask Damon for his response, watch this space.

    • Avatar photo Steve Payne says:

      Editor’s Note: Here’s a reply to Paul from Damon Bennett…
      “Thank you for the comment. Great hearing from another contractor. I have lived in R2000 homes and have worked on at least 30 in different capacities. Having both my contractor’s licence and TARION licence, I can assure you that my knowledge of building technology, and building envelope practices, is extensive. In terms of my ambassador role with Certainteed, I feel quite comfortable speaking with contractors from across the country about their products because they are innovative and I believe in them, and use them on many projects of my own. Out of the 30 homes I worked on (R2000), there were a significant number that had trapped moisture, or dry rot issues. We know that breathability is a significant factor for the longevity of any house. Trapping moisture doesn’t work. There are fewer number of companies building with R2000 because there are simply better building techniques and material available. I would be glad to answer any other questions in the future”

  2. Shell Busey says:

    Moisture is one thing (but it depends) where and in what province you experiencing it. Because
    I’ve only read comments (here) from the heart of Canada: Ontario (Toronto). What about
    the West Coast and East Coast: totally different kettles of fish – excuse the pun! It’s
    important to relate (this) to the R2000 program: It works! And no insulation company is going to change this on their own. Too many factors are in question here. Looking forward to someone listening to the building envelope experts…

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