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The March to Net Zero Energy Building: Episode 3 (VIDEO)



Rob Koci continues his discussion with Gary Meine, architectural technologist at ICF leader NUDURA. This video focuses on ways to attach building components to Nudura ICFs using floor joist hangers and fastening strips.

Net Zero energy home building is a fact of the future. Just 12 years from now, the National Building Code will look very different from today’s version.

In the National Building Code of  2030, Rob Koci says: “You can forget studs at 16-inch centres and TestTest and black paper outside and R12 on the inside. Even if you go for 2 x 6’s and add exterior insulating foam, traditional stud framing will be hard pressed to get you to Net Zero. Not without a lot of expensive renewal energy technology!”

So what can home builders and renovators DO?


The solution lies in ICF’s, at least in part. If you aren’t building with ICF’s yet, watch this video series to learn the basics of this revolutionary yet well-tested and reliable method of building.

In this video, Rob talks once again to Gary Meine, NUDURA architectural technologist. Gary and Rob look at how to attached floor joists to ICF walls using floor hanger systems in which a steel plate is cast, or moulded, into the core of the ICF when concrete is poured.

Gary and Rob also look at fastening strips, to which drywall can be directly attached easily – using just slightly longer than traditional drywall screws. And they discuss custom ICF configurations for angled walls, bay windows, circular structures and more.

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  1. We, viewers of this episode, need a by far more detailed presentation, regarding the ways that the joists are attached to the concrete core. The instructor -not Mr Koci- needs to show a slow motion 3-dimensional presentation of how (a) the hangers and other metal parafernalia are stabilized onto the concrete core, and (b) how the joists are resting or attached to the hangers.

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