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All About Fasteners, Episode 4: Thermal bridging solutions (VIDEO)



Using traditional anchoring systems to attach exterior foam insulation to concrete can create a significant thermal bridging problem!

It’s amazing how much energy-effiency is lost when traditional steel fasteners are used to attach exterior EPS insulation directly to concrete. Something like an 8 per cent energy loss can occur through thermal bridging directly through the fasteners, even though there aren’t a lot of fasteners required by code.

In this video, Rob Koci is shown a better technology by Gustavo Angola, Technical Specialist at ITW.

The technology is called the T3 InsulFast System.


This system deploys ingeniously-engineered plastic anchors incorporating steel pins that, once they are shot into the concrete, do not go all the way through the depth of the EPS.

Thermal bridging problem solved!

This video is brought to you by ITW’s Tapcon fasteners.

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