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Mike Holmes interview Part 4 (VIDEO)

Robert Koci   

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Mike's insurance and how he estimates his jobs

We wonder sometimes how Mike funds the jobs he does and the financial burdens he faces as a TV personality and a contractor. He says here there isn’t a lot of difference.

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  1. Mr. Holmes is completely right. The more information the contractor gives the customer,the more pleasure he will get out the renovation job with this customer.

  2. lionel says:

    WOW, what an ego. Mr Holmes should get out the contracting business and sell books on how to sell. 95% close rate….impossible. You automatically get 10-15% rejection from people just because. It’s amazing to me how he just avoids answering any questions, and changes it back to himself on how great he is.

  3. Bud Sage says:

    It’s been an amazing exchange! I would be interested in finding out from Mike if he believes any of these “Bad Contracting” jobs are a result of good intentioned home owners with tools and a supporting cast of friends? Over the years I have walked into numerous situations that were created by homeowners themselves – some will eventually admit it, some won’t. It’s easier for them to claim “Bad Contractor” then admit to a professional – they were the cause.

  4. Mark Bowen says:

    Oh boy ! Mike Holmes all full of him self again ! You know I really liked Mike in the beginning .He had a great idea for a show to educate the homeowners.It did make a difference.Listening to him talk and answer Robs questions he sounded like a politician .Never answering the question ,just beating around the bush ! Rob tried to get Mike to answer but he just rambled on about how good he is.I just couldn’t watch the whole interview Mike makes my stomach turn.
    Mark Bowen
    Owner Operator of Northshore Residential Renovations for 13 years.

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