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Motivating your staff without money

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There is more to life than money

By Rob Koci

When you grow to a place where you have five or more employees, knowing how they are motivated to do good work, show up on time and stay positive becomes essential to your success. The lecturer in this video, Dan Pink, will give you the fundamentals of what motivates people. He uses examples of employees in the IT industry, but don’t be dissuaded. What he says will apply equally to carpenters, labourers and plumbers.

The illustrating that accompanies this lecture becomes a bit annoying, but hang in there. You will learn something important about what motivates people in general and how you can design your company culture to keep your guys motivated and productive.

I’ll give you a head start: Pink says that you need to pay your employees enough money to take the issue of money off the table. After that, your employees will be motivated by three key things: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. It becomes important then, to find your company’s “transcendent purpose.” There has to be something beyond driving nails and building houses that your company stands for.


As I listened to the video, I could see clearly how those motivators could be built into a renovation company. Tell if you think so, too.

Motivating staff without money




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