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Answering readers’ questions on ICFs, Part 1 (VIDEO)

Gary Meine, architectural technologist for NUDURA, discusses why builders usually find the switch to ICFs over stick-frame houses relatively easy

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December 4, 2018 by canadiancontractor

In this video, NUDURA architectural technologist Gary Meine gets asked some questions by veteran house framer Rob Koci.

Rob’s first question is essentially this: “Since customers don’t look behind the walls to see if a house is built with the traditional stick-frame method or a modular method like ICFs, why would a contractor care to choose ICFs anyway?”

Gary’s answers will surprise some of you.

Rob’s second question is boils down to: “Why would a contractor want to change their entire method of framing a house, if they have been building with wooden studs and joists for years – as most of us have?”

Gary’s answers here are very interesting and compelling.

Rob’s third question is: “What about your sub trades? Are they going to be able to deal with ICFs without missing a beat? Electricians, for example?”

Gary once again has some good news here, too.

And the final question Rob asks is: “What about finishing the basement of an ICF house? How difficult is it to hang the drywall without exposed studs or strapping to attach to – just EPS foam?”

Gary answers that one as well.

If you have YOUR OWN questions about ICFs (whether they are NUDURA brand or someone else’s) please email them to





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