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Answering readers’ questions on ICFs, Part 2 (VIDEO)



Gary Meine from NUDURA answers Canadian Contractor readers' questions about ICFs

In this video, Gary Meine of NUDURA answers readers’ questions about ICFs.

“Am I going to have to learn to build all over again?” is a common question that contractors often asks, suggests Robk Koci.

No, but a one-day training course from NUDURA, one of the leading manufacturers of ICFs in North America, is recommended. The course takes the. contractor through everything from laying out the site, to the placement of the first form, the second form, pouring concrete, and through to exterior and interior finishes.


“What kind of exterior finishes can I put on top of ICFs?” is another common question.

Pretty well the same types of finishes that you would put on a stick-frame build, Gary replies. For example, for masonry, ICFs with brick ledge forms are used. Whether it’s brick, natural stone siding, board and batt, or whatever, ICFs allow many types of exterior cladding to be used.

On the interior, drywall goes directly onto the ICF surface. The huge benefit being, of course, that elements like vapour barriers, etc. are not needed.

In this video, Gary also discusses the special ICF joist hangers that floors connect to in ICF builds. And the advantages of ICFs for avoiding thermal bridging that occur in stick-frame builds, between floors. Floors are warmer, especially given that, as we all know, jamming in batt insulation into wall structures between floors, with conventional building, is not usually done very effectively.

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