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Are the unions really interested in legit workplaces – or their job security?

Surely it's both, no?

We reported last week that two of the big carpenters unions have teamed up to lobby against the cash-deal side of the industry. Here is a comment about that…

I agree with the stance on undocumented cash jobs and the hazards that go with it. It is unfair to legit businesses when this takes place. However, one must also consider the following: Homeowners are often the drivers in a for-cash system, as they want to pay as little as possible.

Are the unions really interested in having workplaces be legit, or are they again looking for job security? In a non-union environment the only job security is to do the job well, on time, and on budget. No dogging or taking longer because you can.

Lastly, how about the governments actually use less tax money on wasteful things like pipelines in China, and then they would need less of our tax dollars.

John Smith


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