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Canadian radio and TV contractor legend Shell Busey calls “BS” on Ontario College of Trades

Whatever happened to valuing "know-how learned from our teachers, parents and mentors," old school Shell wants to know...

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September 14, 2018 by canadiancontractor

And for one more viewpoint on the Ontario College of Trades, here is a post we got from Western Canadian broadcast legend Shell Busey…

Shell posted it under the comment from a gas-license (only) HVAC contractor who said, officially, he’s not allowed to work on most HVAC stuff these days, according to the Ontario College of Trades. Shell calls this “BS.”

For years I’ve been involved in retail and wholesale building materials, building and remodelling homes, my radio open line home improvement shows, TV show production… and on and on. And you know what? I’m glad I’m 76 and retired on a fixed income! Because we senior men and ladies have been there and done all these things and more. We will be recognized and remembered by our talents and know-how learned from our teachers, parents and mentors. When is all this BS going to stop?

Shell Busey




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1 Comment » for Canadian radio and TV contractor legend Shell Busey calls “BS” on Ontario College of Trades
  1. Joe says:

    Section 32 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms, can fix the problem very fast on the college of BS, OCOT, oligarchy corruption over trades. If Doug Ford is really interested in serving the people of Ontario.
    Get rid of them as soon as possible.