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Covid-19: Business has dropped 95 per cent

April 8, 2020
By Rob Blackstien

We’ve been running Covid-19 updates every weekday, and last week — instead of opting for an April Fool’s post — we played it straight with another daily report.

Ellen responded, letting us know what’s going on with her business.

We are only taking care of no heat emergencies and no hot water and only if my technician is okay with it and clients have been deemed safe. We all know there is no guarantee of anyone’s safety. Business has dropped 95 per cent and I hope we are still standing after this one and our technicians and families are safe.

What’s going on with other contractors? What kind of impact has this had on your business?

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  1. Marten Burghgraef says:

    I’m a small company, well just me anyway with some temporary help as needed. I am not working at all. No income, bills still come in. Oh well, that is life. I will use our savings to continue to live. I have stuff to do around my house to keep me busy. I try to avoid as much as possible listening to the news, gets me down. We will come out of this. The income will come back.

    This is a setback in life for everyone. But if we don’t isolate, well, that choice may be forced on you. Then your loved ones can deal with it and the fallout. Ever see what a funeral costs?

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