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Covid-19: Oh, it’s an interesting one

April 29, 2020
By Rob Blackstien

Here’s another Covid-19 update from a reader, this one from Glenn Hartman, Project Manager at Stratford, Ont.-based Hartman Carpentry.

Oh it’s an interesting one. Anything residential wise we put on (hold) right from the beginning. Crazy to think it’s (been) five weeks. If it’s decent weather we have been able to work outdoors on some agricultural retrofits. But otherwise we are involved with a 500’ chicken barn and also slated for breaking ground on a Passive Home subdivision this summer. So not just that, the day-to-day approach to learn what materials are backlogged and communicating virtually to progress these projects along, it’s going to be interesting how to reschedule the projects that were suppose to happen during this time.

In summary, it’s slow and the weeks are flying by creeping up fast on some big milestones start dates that if (they) don’t get started will lead to either chaos and crazy long hours or stressed out clients.

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