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How to “dress” a room to mitigate noise

Wall to wall carpets have rapidly disappeared from modern interiors, but drapes and wall hangings are very much alive.

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February 15, 2019 by canadiancontractor

Last week John Bleasby wrote about mitigating noisy floors – from footsteps – in this post-carpet era…  Here is one response….

Hi John:

The open concept of today’s buildings have made the environment very lively with competing sound reflections. How a room is “dressed” can help with acoustic damping. For example, the use of drapes and wall hangings will help to absorb some of the unwanted refections.

Bill Philip



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1 Comment » for How to “dress” a room to mitigate noise
  1. Robert Lichtenstein says:

    I am not a contractor. I would like your opinion or discussion from the community contractors. I have a room with a long outer wall in my house for the living room/dining room. when the house was built the code for insulation and vapour barrier was not the same a today. The vapour barrier in the wall right now is thinner than ceran wrap. I read on the internet that there is a paint/primer that acts as a vapour barrier. is this any good and will it save me from taking down the wall and re-insulating it ?