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RenoMark has its place

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about RenoMark, and asked Contractor Nation for its opinion on this program. We received a couple of interesting responses:

Richard Northey offered up the following:

“RenoMark has its place in large cities. In smaller cities, your reputation follows you good or bad. Also it is not hard to get RenoMark status if running a legitimate business.”

Fair enough. He makes a very good point about smaller cities vs. larger ones. But surely RenoMark has more value than this? Leave it to the ever reliable Brendan Charters of Eurodale to offer up this definite review of the program:

“As with anything, there is a direct correlation between what you put into something, and what you get out of it. For the contractors that are part of the RenoMark program, if you merely pay the annual dues and never get involved, the ROI will be minimized. For those that get involved, attend forums, meet their industry colleagues and share details between them of how they overcome their collective business challenges, the benefit is much greater. Getting involved in Committees, the Board or Executive level will further increase their industry connections and raise their knowledge of the business, help them polish their skills and open them up to new opportunities and ideas they may never otherwise be exposed to.

Recognition and results for that commitment come in time, as more people become aware of the individuals and firms that are selfless, that take their careers and businesses seriously, are focused on self-improvement and helping their peers also improve. As a program within a much larger Association which includes large builders, developers and associated service professionals, we can also say some of our best projects have come from the partners, employees, friends and family members of the people within those companies, as not everyone can (nor may want) to purchase a new home or condo. Many prefer to renovate, or build something custom, and as recognized leaders within the Association, the leads often come our way due to that long standing relationship.

Where the Association can improve, and they seem focused on doing so, is the continuing education of their membership. That will go a long way to ensure all members meet a knowledge baseline in building and renovating a home, as well as running a business. That type of initiative will only help to better serve the consumers that hire RenoMark contractors. In short, we have had a tremendous experience as members, but that said, we put a lot of effort (and continue to do so) into helping to advance the industry for all professionals working in it, with the support of the staff at BILD and RenoMark.”

Thanks, Brendan! You’re our new RenoMark go-to source!


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