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“Solar with storage is the future”

"Solar panels on an average home can produce 15 megawatts per year."

We have not historically covered solar panels very extensively in Canadian Contractor. Now, with hydro rates through the roof, especially in Ontario, many contractors are reconsidering their previous indifference to solar energy. Here is a post from a reader about that. It’s in response to our interview with Casey Edge of the Victoria Residential Builders Association, in which he severely criticized B.C.’s Energy Step Code.

Solar with storage is the future. Therefore, solar capture must be considered in the design of new buildings. It makes no sense use valuable resources on expensive insulation and mechanical systems. The average roof space can convert sunshine into electrical energy. It will provide energy for lighting, appliances, heating and electric car charging. The average home with a proper design can support 50 solar panels on a 1,000 sq. ft. roof. This solar array on an average home produces 15 megawatts per year. This same roof space in B.C. provides enough rain water catchment for a family of four. So why are we talking about over the top building codes?Design our buildings properly for clean energy and water capture. Why not, when it comes from the sky for free?

Dennis Olson


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