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Caldwell: Photo on Ontario College of Trades website shows safety violation

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If regulatory authorities can't be bothered with safety rules in their own photos, what kind of a message are they sending?

ocot-news-site-bannerRecently, the Ontario College of Trades Taxes devoted the front page of their official propaganda rag publication (Trades Today, Fall 2016) to “Promoting Safety & Compliance.”

If only they would!

Because they could do a much better job. Look, for example, at the top banner of their website (View) showing a worker demonstrating the WRONG way to hook up a safety harness.  In case they correct the photo (I hope they do), I have reproduced it, above.

The worker has moved too far away from his anchor point. He hasn’t calculated the swing path if he falls. A common error.


Wearing safety equipment designed to save you might not work if you anchor it wrong!

Let’s get it right!!

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