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PHOTO OF THE WEEK! Convoy of Ontario College of Trades vehicles!

No, all those OCOT vehicles are NOT all lining up at Tim Hortons. Although Timmies has been a happy hunting ground for their "enforcement officers" in the past...

May 3, 2016
By Alec Caldwell

OCOT Vehicles“Mercy sakes alive: Looks like we got us a convoy!”

You might get confused looking at this photo, thinking it’s a Formula 1 Grand Prix and these Ontario College of Trades vehicles are revving up waiting for the green flag.

Well, we won’t disclose the location. No, it’s not a Tim Horton’s line up. Although we learned, a couple of years ago, that Timmies is a good place for OCOT “enforcement officers” to scout out hard-working contractors’ trucks.

Many people, myself included, continue to question the OCOT. One of these vehicles could soon be pulling up outside one of your jobs, if you work in Ontario, checking on your employees’ or trades’ registration. Even if you have worked in your trade for decades, as of 2013, this governmental upstart has possessed the power to make you unemployed if you don’t pay their fee. Those cars you see there? Those are cars of tax collectors, in essence.


Many wonder what true value OCOT delivers to its membership. Last week (see Where’s your “discount,” Ontario College of  Trades? ) I showed how the OCOT has been playing fast and loose with the truth on their Manulife health and dental program discounts.

Telling the truth isn’t part of OCOT’s skill set, it seems, although they ARE skilled communicators. How skilled? They are award winners! In their propaganda-filled Trades Today magazine that contractors can’t wait to get ahold of, we read that OCOT has just received the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) prestigious 2016 Gold Quill Merit Award.

Aren’t you glad that your fees are being used to support such a high-achieving organization?

No matter how skillful OCOT is at the spin game, they are NOT a college of learning in any sense of the word. They are no better than the vehicle plate tax I have to pay on my birthday, ever year. At least that money goes, allegedly, into building our transportation system. All the Ontario College of Trades is building is its own empire.

The Ontario College of Trades delivers nothing more than another level of taxation.

What do you say?


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14 Comments » for PHOTO OF THE WEEK! Convoy of Ontario College of Trades vehicles!
  1. mark mitchell says:

    How can they win a business award when they are not, by any definition of the word, a business? They are not a college, or a business. They should win the “government agency upstart cuz we made them pay it” award. No one would support this college if they weren’t forced to.

  2. Ginny Battersby says:

    My daughter who colours hair in a hair salon has to pay a fee every year for the privilege of doing her job. What does she get in return for this?
    NOTHING!!!!! It’s just a huge cash grab! The Ontario Liberals strike again stealing our money and wasting it on propaganda and B.S.

  3. Jordan says:

    Until now i don’t see any of their significant purpose.

  4. mike says:

    Apparently the Ontario government have been and still possessed with a diabolical agenda, on collection of tax any shape or form.
    In respect to the award of IABC, I will not be surprise at all, bc there is some nation president was award with the peace price and only he did was bring on more wars, destruction and misery.
    So apparently awards going to those love be be thieves, and scam bags.
    For how long this kind of theater will go on?

  5. Questo says:

    Can’t be understood why this Organized Criminals Orwellian Thieves (OCOT) be awarded. For them is a success of curse, coercing the compulsory trades people to pay this insane tax, be able to determinate over certified trades people. The OCOT and their Orwellian Thieves must have a degree in facism a force command; communication not. No trades people ever voted freely for this apparatus to be in place.

    When the human mind enters into misery, in special in the political arena, can’t differ from right and wrong, and now what is right apparently is wrong and what wrong is right, its the upside down world. This clear shows, when any laws be set in abused matter to protect economic criminals, its costly and unfair to those which are forced to supported. Not every law appear to be legal should be consider legal, when imposed, forced or coerced, can’t stand, in a so called democratic rule.

    This OCOT and so many others are the ideas of the lobbying groups which are parasites, unable to produce anything, only to survive on the sacrifice of others. Apparently legislation was used in abusive matter, to feed these economic criminals. The politicians either were coerced, brainwashed, bribed, blackmailed, to allow such parasite agencies to take place, if so they became criminals in their own, so they can’t be trusted any-longer.

    The unfair wheel of nature, can we stop it? I believe so, just pull the center peace out the wheel will not spin.

    Thanks Alec to bring this issue to light.

  6. Bob says:

    I suggest anyone want to comment about the Obsessed Callous Opportunists Troglodytes OCOT please read this link.
    They are all honest people either the IABC and the OCOT only in talk shows, i suppose; when comes to reality they may vanish without a trace.
    If the IABC really investigate the the reality of the OCOT and their honest work, for sure they will run from it. Apparently they are flower of the same bag. So much honesty for nothing. Its the new way of the economic slavery, the tax cannibals.

  7. Questo says:

    How can the OCOT be awarded with a gold award? The IABC should give them a slash hammer awarded. That’s amazing because OCOT bylaws are in total conflict with the IABC bylaws, In other words, OCOT are in violation on all of them. Who used dark googles in the IABC to award such thing? This sounds like a cover book to impress the trades people and others to be coerce even more. The OCOT should be disqualified. This is a mask, a deception game nothing more, typical of the Liberals game.

  8. Questo says:

    Thanks Dean Kadikoff, will make more sense if the MOL take over, reform the trades people, make them look like pros, not looking like criminals as the OCOT make us look like.
    A lot of cronies want to sale any peace of paper as a fee or a permit in controlling someone or some trade, what a fools.

    Any trades certified person should have their trades photo ID, stamped by the MTCU and the MOL, and should be a prove of their qualification. No need for the OCOT, ECRA/ESA and all the others attached to other trades people. These parasites have to go.

    Further more the ECRA / ESA should be moved to the locals cities when all building permits are obtained. ECRA should be dismantle too, a certified electrician would not need a such bs. about the ESA any, certified electricians should sign electrical terms of responsibility of their works, I have sign those in Europe when i was working there, and finish any electrical jobs. The ESA inspections are another money grab side agency. They have no liability for their inspections, so there is no need for them at all.

    Under the legislation for competition, all these agencies are in violation of the same law, because they leave no room for any other company to do the same business, they are monopolies, its insane.

    The Ontario government on itself is in violation their own laws, because allowing these to be in place. Maybe that’s why the MOL will control the OCOT or dismantle.

  9. alec says:

    Thanks Dean for sharing this and looks like the OCOT got a black eye with this news. Guessing they were not carrying out procedures correctly.

    More needs to be taken away from them and hopefully other items will surface against them this year.

    Thanks everyone for their participation here. Brilliant news 🙂

  10. Questo says:

    Alec, I guess its time for the trades people either compulsory or not, to go to Queens Park and demand all these side corrupted agencies money collectors out of business. In doing so all the corrupted politicians either in the present government and some in the opposition, demand them out to. Its time to reform things back to the way its should be, in the open matter, honesty and respect for the trades people and the general public, not back room deals, to serve some special lobbying interests to deceive the public.

  11. Matthew says:

    please read the legislation, they can only enforce on members, do not pay them and join their club they cannot enforce a thing unless you join, they have no power otherwise!

  12. Ray Marsden says:

    Well said Alec.
    Since you are so polite and eloquent, let me say it for you.
    They are nothing more than criminals.
    ps. Thank you Doug Ford.

  13. Robert Forest says:

    I’ve been a licensed Trademan for 41 yrs. OCOT is nothing more than a spin off Government agency Tax grab to pertuate their own employment. Our Company employs several hundred Licensed Trades people in Ontario, I have yet to see any benefit to our industry from OCOT other than doubling or tripling our License fees.

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