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PHOTO OF THE WEEK! Convoy of Ontario College of Trades vehicles!

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No, all those OCOT vehicles are NOT all lining up at Tim Hortons. Although Timmies has been a happy hunting ground for their "enforcement officers" in the past...

OCOT Vehicles“Mercy sakes alive: Looks like we got us a convoy!”

You might get confused looking at this photo, thinking it’s a Formula 1 Grand Prix and these Ontario College of Trades vehicles are revving up waiting for the green flag.

Well, we won’t disclose the location. No, it’s not a Tim Horton’s line up. Although we learned, a couple of years ago, that Timmies is a good place for OCOT “enforcement officers” to scout out hard-working contractors’ trucks.

Many people, myself included, continue to question the OCOT. One of these vehicles could soon be pulling up outside one of your jobs, if you work in Ontario, checking on your employees’ or trades’ registration. Even if you have worked in your trade for decades, as of 2013, this governmental upstart has possessed the power to make you unemployed if you don’t pay their fee. Those cars you see there? Those are cars of tax collectors, in essence.


Many wonder what true value OCOT delivers to its membership. Last week (see Where’s your “discount,” Ontario College of  Trades? ) I showed how the OCOT has been playing fast and loose with the truth on their Manulife health and dental program discounts.

Telling the truth isn’t part of OCOT’s skill set, it seems, although they ARE skilled communicators. How skilled? They are award winners! In their propaganda-filled Trades Today magazine that contractors can’t wait to get ahold of, we read that OCOT has just received the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) prestigious 2016 Gold Quill Merit Award.

Aren’t you glad that your fees are being used to support such a high-achieving organization?

No matter how skillful OCOT is at the spin game, they are NOT a college of learning in any sense of the word. They are no better than the vehicle plate tax I have to pay on my birthday, ever year. At least that money goes, allegedly, into building our transportation system. All the Ontario College of Trades is building is its own empire.

The Ontario College of Trades delivers nothing more than another level of taxation.

What do you say?


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