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Caldwell: Photo on Ontario College of Trades website shows safety violation

If regulatory authorities can't be bothered with safety rules in their own photos, what kind of a message are they sending?

November 25, 2016
By Alec Caldwell

ocot-news-site-bannerRecently, the Ontario College of Trades Taxes devoted the front page of their official propaganda rag publication (Trades Today, Fall 2016) to “Promoting Safety & Compliance.”

If only they would!

Because they could do a much better job. Look, for example, at the top banner of their website (View) showing a worker demonstrating the WRONG way to hook up a safety harness.  In case they correct the photo (I hope they do), I have reproduced it, above.

The worker has moved too far away from his anchor point. He hasn’t calculated the swing path if he falls. A common error.


Wearing safety equipment designed to save you might not work if you anchor it wrong!

Let’s get it right!!

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3 Comments » for Caldwell: Photo on Ontario College of Trades website shows safety violation
  1. Questo says:

    Alec, you mean the Ontario Cockroaches Over Trades?

    The only purpose of this none for profit organized crime, is to collect tax from the trades people, so Cockroaches is ideal name for them.

    Lets refresh some tax issue in here, in 1999 Mike Harris, pass a bill for the tax protection act, the purpose of this act was to prevent future Ontario legislature, regarding what party, in case a need arise to raise tax, only trough a referendum. In this act a small clause was introduced in the tax matter, without referendum tax raised was for education only, schools, and trough a special panel also a legislature vote.

    So its apparent the Mac Guilties and Mac nuts, want to tax the people, so they create the none for profit side agencies, to force, coerce, mislead, lying, and create fear, on the public, under the guise of consumers protection act, If they had chosen referendum, the people of Ontario will wake up really fast for their tax scams. What a wonder-full democracy?

    So the TSSA, ESA, ECRA, OCOT and all others under the same matter, are illegal apparatus, its all a big fraud.

    These side agencies are not Crown agencies to collect tax, fees and tax on imposed fees, any shape and form. The Liberals sold a wave of fear to the trades people, unions and Private business, and they fall for it and bought that for a big price.

    Fraudulent intention, for more correct word, under the protection of legislature of Ontario. Laws can never be used to protect fraud, disgrace peoples trades titles, or any other matter, diminished them for a monetary extortion, put the trades people under a siege, all this was done apparently to employee a few crooks.

    What I have been saying about the liberals, for the pass few years, on their insane ways of governing had come trough. Its time for the people of Ontario to wake up and clean the park, you all know which park needs to be clean up.

    I never see a such disgrace full group of people calling them selves as Ontario government, only they know is destroying everything they get in touch, two more years of this none sense is to much, they need to be ousted.

    • Thanks Questo, you are spot on.

      I wonder why there is a need for so many of all these non governmental organizations out there. Is it simply a money grab!! Are these organizations also helping to drive the underground economy, pushing workers in to the shadows, with all these added fees.

  2. Questo says:

    Hi Alec, It is obvious the side grab orgs, are driving trades people underground , remains the question, should we blame them?

    These agencies were created as a Trojan horse, with legislature blessing to collect tax side ways, to elude the work force in Ontario, as protections, under the guise of consumes protection. Only those don’t want to see it wouldn’t. All these are none for profit orgs,, have no power and can’t in-forced that, on the public or any trade, only among them. Their laws are none for profit bylaws, as any company rules. For issues on consumers problems, we had and still have the courts to take care of that, malpractices and negligence of proper work and unsafe. So no need for these scams.

    So who charge the Ontario government politicians for all done wrong in all this time? For the waste of billions of dollars, and malfeasance, misleading, lying, scamming all of us. Do they have a certificate or license for public abuse? Do they have liability insurance to replace all the public monetary mistakes they have done? Maybe they have a revolving door instead !

    The wind power and solar panels are only 6% on Ontario energy supply, what a green project? What a fiasco? City water under ground water supply could accomplished more if under water flow electrical generators were added, in big cities first and medium size ones to. No damage to farms, other environment issues, like white noise, and the killing of wild life. Advantage: way cheaper to build and maintain. The Ontario Government bought an nightmare energy production.

    Not long ago I saw some of these( @) so called ESA/ ecra inspectors, spending time in William coffee inspecting some women bulbs, with their eyes, maybe they though these bulbs were in short circuit, unsafe. What a scam bags! This isn’t the first time, I observed this issue on a week business meeting. ( location none disclosed) Just the way they walk revolves your guts, looks like they are in paranoia state. These are the ones our government loves, how many of these parasites are around in all these Trojan horse tax grabs?

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