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Seven tips for successful contracting in 2016

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2016 UnderConstructionWhat changes can you bring to the table to improve your business or increase your income in 2016?

Fine tuning your approach in some areas is possibly all you need.

Here, in no particular order, are 7 things you might consider…

  1. Call more prospects per week! It’s simple math: getting in touch with more potential customers will lead to more work opportunities.
  2. If you’re prices are too low, stop giving lowball quotes! Defend your value by asking for fair pricing. If you want to be a discount residential contractor, reconsider your business model. “We will not be undersold” might work for mass merchant retailers, but it doesn’t work for professional builders and renovators.
  3. Build a stronger pool of skilled trades around you! Using pooled talent helps jobs to be completed faster and on time. It can also increase the number of eyes looking for more work for the group.
  4. Learn to recognize ‘china egg’ customers! The thing about china eggs is… they NEVER hatch! Recognize these types of customers and move on – sooner, rather than later. China eggs can tie you up, mess with your mind and stop you from finding new customers.
  5. Conduct safety tool box training on a regular basis! This helps document your compliance and keeps everyone alert on safety issues.
  6. Stop procrastinating! While it may seem a good idea to put off certain decisions at a particular time, procrastination dramatically slows us down. Maybe use new mobile applications to help keep you on track and push you forward.
  7. Look out for new construction trends and issues! These can give you a greater insight into what’s going on outside of your own bubble or what your competitors might be working on. New trends could include green building and emerging technologies. Anticipate new trends and put yourself into the position of an industry leader, whether it’s specializing in bathroom, kitchen or basement renovations.

Get out there and make 2016 a success!!!


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  1. Ivey Harris says:

    I am a small remodel contractor in Florida and that’s what I mostly do, residential and commercial. Ocassionally I get ask about building a new home. I don’t have a clue as to what to charge for a fair contract for the owner and for me. Do you have any guidelines for this delima? Don’t know if it is a sf thing a percentage or what.


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