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The ultimate furnace guide

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Reliance Home Comfort offers free resource

Every good contractor needs to be a teacher sometimes. Clients often want to be educated on various issues concerning their projects, and the more efficiently and effectively you can perform this education the better. Furnaces are a case in point. Why spend time explaining to clients how to choose a new furnace when someone has already done a great job for you?

The Ultimate Furnace Guide is an example. Created by Canada’s own Reliance Home Comfort, this free resource delivers solid technical information and education, not marketing. Send curious clients to the link and they’ll learn about heating system choices, they’ll get help deciding to rent or buy, and learn about the maintenance requirements for various heating options. Information on repair, energy conservation, accessories and more are all part of the guide.

The Internet is full of information these days, but most of it is wishy-washy, written by people earning a few cents per word explaining things they have no personal experience with. The Ultimate Furnace Guide is different. It’s written by technically experienced Canadians for a Canadian homeowner audience. Save yourself time, serve your clients with great information and it’ll make you look pretty good.



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