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Yellow Pages are dead. Do you agree?

Let us know if you think Yellow Pages still has some advertising value

April 24, 2014
By Steve Payne

We’ve had a lot of discussion lately about the best way to promote a residential contracting business on the web.

Although contractors aren’t usually writers, blogging about your business online – not just having a basic website – is something that more and more contractors are telling us about.

Here’s a comment from Joe Seaborne of Calgary Pro Painting (



“Yes it is worth it to blog. Yellow Pages are dead so any business wanting to advertise must have a strong online presence. Blogging is a great way to show your expertise and if nothing else it is a great way to get free links.

From my personal experience I have noticed a fairly good increase in the amount of traffic I get to my websites after I started blogging more.”


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3 Comments » for Yellow Pages are dead. Do you agree?
  1. Raymond Wand says:

    I do not care for YP because every year they deliver them in February, and the delivery person throws on the ground near my rural road mail box. Most of them delivered in this manner end up in the ditch, or the snowplough pushes them into the ditch and they become covered with snow. Or when using a snow blower they are shredded. Not only are the YP publishers contributing to litter, the advertisers are not getting their monies worth.

    Don’t understand why delivery person cannot put them in the mailbox. I was told because Canada Post doesn’t allow it, but CP doesn’t own my mail box, I do!

    But with the web who needs a hard copy anyway?

  2. Frank Conny says:

    yellow pages the book is a dinosaur, yellow pages the on-line app is the new generation of advertisement, and it works. we add customers on a daily basis,
    and that is the only adds we have out.

  3. I agree with Frank, but I miss the days when you paid to be in the book and for a few more bucks got an online posting. Now it is just the opposite I have found some success with Rogers outrank too, but the lead quality seems lower. I am tempted to try and work directly with the search engine companies, but the guys at yellow pages are a big help navigating. One thing we can all agree with is that happy customers who go out of their way to refer you is absolutely the best marketing at any price!

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