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April 28, 2015  

Danger: Guardrails built ‘for appearances’ can kill or cripple

Don’t mess around building half-assed guardrails, unless you are prepared to go to jail. Look up the regulations for their construction, and follow them.

April 18, 2015  

‘Fast tracking’ building permits in Surrey, B.C.

Normally, the City of Surrey takes 4-6 weeks to process a permit. But if contractors join their Registered Builder program, permits can be issued within 10 days.

April 2, 2015  

It’s here! NEW Working at Heights standard in Ontario is now in effect

No April Fool’s joke here: the new Working at Heights standard took effect in Ontario on April 1st.

March 24, 2015  

Villain or hero? Claimant becomes a thorn in the side of the Ontario WSIB

Frank Brunato, a manager at WSIB, sought a peace bond against a disgruntled claimant who had been denied benefits. Brunato said that Mike Spencer, a champion of claimant’s rights, was ridiculing him on Facebook.

March 11, 2015  

Just… wow. Check out this incredibly misleading video from the Ontario College of Trades

The Ontario College of Trades’ (OCOT) latest video makes some extremely dubious claims about how this new bureaucracy is helping to “protect” the public from tradespeople without OCOT credentials. Maybe someone should call in famed consumer advocate Peter Silverman to investigate. Oh, wait a minute, he’s already on the case… for the College.

March 10, 2015  

The cash economy Part 2

The battle against the cash economy starts with getting rid of the WSIB

February 18, 2015  

Let’s talk cash economy

I recently hired a contractor to do some work that I couldn’t get to. His price was fair, but leaves me reeling at what the legitimate costs of a reno has become.

February 11, 2015  

Workplace Safety Comes to Mississauga, Ontario

January 28, 2015 – Canada’s largest and longest-running health

February 5, 2015  

Ontario WSIB’s $400,000-a-year CEO David Marshall gets another two years at the trough

Marshall acknowledges that he won’t win any popularity contests. Certainly not among the estimated 80,000 owner-operator contractors who were previously exempt from WSIB, but who got roped into paying into it as part of a plan that earned Marshall a $400,000 bonus.

February 4, 2015  

The sorry tale of yet another legitimate WSIB claimant denied benefits

With David Marshall being re-appointed to another two years

November 13, 2013  

Ontario MPP introduces bill to enforce 'prompt payment' by developers to contractors

Bill 69, the Prompt Payment Act, is a private members’ bill intended to get developers in Ontario to pay their contractors on time. The withholding of holdbacks would be curtailed, if the legislation were to be given teeth. But right now, it’s nowhere near becoming law.

November 4, 2013  

Accessible renovations and construction become law in Vancouver

**Photo: Infiniti Renovations, Ottawa** Vancouver City Council has passed

October 30, 2013  

Seven design principles when renovating for the elderly

“With the aging population, we need to be incorporating universal design principles into everything we do,” says Ottawa design-builder Moneca Kaiser.

November 8, 2011  

Greek Lesson

I find it strange. When it comes to the