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Can this new wall panel system help you finish a basement FIVE times faster?

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An Ontario company, DRIcore, says its new Smartwall product can be a "game-changer" for any contractor who is in the business of finishing basements.

DRIcore, an Ontario company, has launched what it calls a “game-changer” for basement renovation work.

The company says its Smartwall all-in-one wall panels will “dramatically” decrease basement finishing time.

How “dramatically”?

Well, the company says that contractors “can install SMARTWALL in a few simple steps, completing basement renovations as much as five-times faster than conventional methods.”

The company press release says: “Smartwall is engineered to include framing, insulation, drywall and vapour barrier in a 2 foot x 8 foot wall panel, weighing just 30 pounds. Smartwall panels feature integrated wire channels, patented micro bevel edge detail (eliminates need for traditional taping and mudding), and tongue and groove system that allows panels to easily lock together.”

“Once completed, insulated basement walls can help homeowners reduce their heating costs and realize greater energy efficiencies. Smartwall helps professional contractors to become more productive and profitable, reducing the number of trades required for basement renovation projects, and allowing contractors to finish specific jobs more quickly.”

“Lack of time and inconvenience are two reasons Canadian homeowners are reluctant to tackle a basement renovation, even though they need the extra space,” says Jason Haupt, President of DRIcore Products. “Building off the success of our Subfloor product, we realized there was a tremendous opportunity to further simplify basement renovations with all-in-one wall panels.”



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