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Readers assign blame over Western Canadian drywall tariffs: “This is what greed does!”

Reader claims his newly signed $1.5 million contract is doomed from the start

The newly imposed tariffs (105% to 275%) on U.S. drywall entering Western Canada have hit the contracting industry hard, and caused businesses sudden hardships.

Mervyn writes:
Wow! This is what greed does. I just signed a $1.5 million contract and I’m doomed before I start. I’ve been in this business for 32 years and have seen this market have its hurdles mainly due to the government. Now we have two evils working together. Our industry as we know it is screwed.

Terry says:
If you can’t compete in your business GET OUT.

Ray asks:
I would be interested to hear why Matthew Walker left out of his article that CertainTeed Gypsum Canada was also given a provisional Duty by the CBSA of 125.0% on Sept 6th, as posted on the estimated margins of dumping and provisional duties by exporter?  It also seems strange that when the complaint was apparently file that 54″ board was exempt. I’m curious; where does CertainTeed Gypsum Canada in BC get their 54″ board from?

Leona writes:
What a bunch of bull; it’s merely a money grab and the little guy pays the price.


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