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Western Canadian drywall tariffs cause anger: “It reeks of cronyism.”

Readers ask why the government puts corporate interests ahead of workers’

Readers are dismayed that the Canadian government is adding new costs to new and renovated houses with newly imposed tariffs (105% to 275%) on U.S. drywall entering Western Canada. 

Kerry writes:
Small business , small taxpaying Canadians are the victims… Saddened by the federal government’s decision and lack of knowledge to an entire sector of the Canadian economy. Wrong people making decisions.

Wayne writes:
I cannot believe that our own government would allow so many Canadians to have to pay up to 60% more for their drywall because they didn’t take care of business when they should have. The added costs to a large house are astronomical and just plain and simply not fair. I could not be more disappointed in the people responsible for this hurtful and ridiculous decision.

Clayton comments:
I’m not sure why the federal government would put the interests of one Canadian/American manufacturer ahead of the interests of the hundreds of thousands of Canadians like me who are working in construction and use drywall, not to mention every homeowner who might want to do some renovations. It reeks of cronyism. “Dumping” is just a politicized way of saying that a product is abundant and so prices for it should be going down, which I think we should be celebrating.


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