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Landing sales in today's cash underground market. Introducing the 'Close the Quote' system.

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One of our CARAHS contractors told me that Close the Quote "translated into immediate results in sales." And it's FREE.

Closing the sale as a renovation contractor when you’re up against “Cash Job” competitors who are promising to save your clients the HST has never been more difficult.

There’s nothing more discouraging than a homeowner picking some Fly By Nighter over you.

Don’t hang around homeowners like these. Weed them out and move on, as quoting jobs based on the lowest price is a slippery slope to losing your shirt.

The key to signing profitable, properly-priced renovation work – in SPITE of competitive offers that may include cash work – is educating your customer.

And this education is not just about giving customers the lowdown on what amazing materials you plan to use on their job or what incredible reviews you have from past clients. It’s fundamentally about educating the homeowner about why your price might be higher than others they will receive.

Check out the following 30-second commercial from the Canada Revenue Agency that shows actor Peter Dillon playing the role of a Fly-by-Night cash contractor. View video here.

Why not add this video onto your web site or Facebook page? Or play it for homeowners during your presentation?

Here’s another important tool. We at CARAHS has developed a Close the Quote system that will help you explain to homeowners why they should choose you!

One of our CARAHS contractors told me that Close the Quote “translated into immediate results in sales.” And did I mention that it’s free?  Get Close the Quote here.

By providing education and training, CARAHS reduces your risk of fines, job site closures and prosecution under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Passion – Commitment – Integrity

CARAHS has over 150 online Health & Safety e-courses.

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1 Comment » for Landing sales in today's cash underground market. Introducing the 'Close the Quote' system.
  1. Rob Sloan says:

    What happened to the government sting operation in Alberta…does anyone know? I’m not sure it “Scared Straight” too many people, but it can’t hurt. I am frontline in a couple homes most days for over 20 years now. When we had the GST rebate no one even asked, because most people want to do things on the up and up. However most people also have a tax threshold. I truly believe that for a very high percentage of people it is between 5% and 10%. Any more and it is perceived as government gouging. I’ll never understand why contractors co-operate with tax cheating homeowners. They are usually paying the HST on the material anyway, and rarely benefit at all, yet expose themselves to all kinds of additional peril.

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