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Patrick Flannery   

Limit the role of regulators

Mark would like to see the new Skilled Trades Ontario take on a simple role as a training administrator rather than a certifier.

Not surprising that a construction union would be upset that the college of trades is being dismantled. Their chance for increased power and control is gone, replaced by a free, self governing market. This is the time to separate the construction trades from the rest, and let the rest figure out how they want to lobby the government for changes to their individual occupations. There are plenty of groups (like HRAI for HVAC, for example) that are capable of elevating the status and professionalism of their members, without forcing them to pay a bunch of government grifters to invent new ways of taxing tradespeople. This new STO should be responsible for arranging trade school training, and administering exams for the CofQ. Period. We do not need to pay for a licence every year. Once the certificate is issued it should be treated like a high school diploma or college degree, not taxed every year. BC and Alberta are leading the way with this policy. Lets use this new agency to fuel interest in the skilled trades, not to punish people and enrich trade unions

– Mark Mitchell


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