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Mike Holmes shows value of experience over book learning


In a Voices item with a lot of criticism of celebrity contractor Mike Holmes, reader Debbie appreciates his approach that draws from experience instead of theory.

Schooling is great but you learn the teachers ways a lot of the time. Some teachers are not greatest information. Text books, depends who writes them as well. Mike Holmes has written books, would it be ok if he were to write the text books for the schools? Life lessons are better learning tools than some CEO sitting in an expensive office with letters behind his name FROM SCHOOLS but cannot build an outhouse. I am prime example with education but not a lot of experiences. Mike Holmes goes over and above ,he is someone I would rather have than those that are building just in code these days. At least Mike will have built century homes one day these others will be lucky if there builds last 10 years. Mike has earned respect. Nothing wrong with perfection.

– Debbie


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