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Opinion: We do not need the OCOT

While RJ argued that the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) was a necessary evil, there are others that are as pleased as can be that the government opted to wind down the agency.

For instance, Rick Hjelholt offered the following take on the demise of OCOT:

For many years we have enjoyed in Ontario, a world class apprenticeship system which has turned out many talented and capable trades people. The procedures and policies that have been in place since the early ’60s are still entirely viable today. I have worked in the electrical trade since 1967, inter-provincial license in 1971, master’s license in 1980 and under this system have personally trained 15 apprentices from high school to licensed journeyman.

I have been a contractor since 1979 and several of my apprentices are also business owners. We do not need the OCOT!

Which side of the argument do you fall on? RJ’s or Rick’s?


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  1. Mark Mitchell says:

    I’m with Rick. Let the OCOT die the painful death it deserves. It was a cash cow, and did nothing to stop fraud by dishonest contractors, or crappy work by licensed ones. It certainly caused a lot of guys to stop paying and retire though. Let the industry figure itself out, keep the government out of it.

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