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VIDEO: The final segment of our interview with Mike Holmes (Part 9)

Canadian Contractor

Rob asks Mike, what can you do when your competition offers to do the job at half your price? "You walk away," Mike says.

The final part of our epic, no-holds-barred, get-it-all-on-the-table interview with Mike Holmes. Click here to run video.


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3 Comments » for VIDEO: The final segment of our interview with Mike Holmes (Part 9)
  1. Chris Coysh says:

    If Mike can give away free things , he must be gauging as well ?. Or charging over priced jobs ,so the other contractor might not be gauging but charging what the job is worth ?

  2. Carlo says:

    I am in the contracting business, and many of our competitors will under quote a job…happens all the time… and YES we walk away. Not because we were price gauging but because we value the reputation that we have worked hard to build so price matching (aka devaluing) for us is just not worth it. After several decades of working at his reputation, maybe Mike Holmes feels the same way. Wouldn’t You?

    > Chris Coysh… “..he must be gauging as well” you don’t know this for a fact…do you? As far as I have been able to determine Mike Holmes give-a-ways are usually donations from sponsors. I have been to numerous community events where I get “free stuff” from sponsors in a loot bag. I believe this might be the same thing on a different scale and should not lead to the conclusion that “gauging” is evident

    I continue to be baffled by the negative attitude directed at Mike Holmes. Give it a rest already. I don’t personally know Mike Holmes; and I am willing to bet most of the people commenting have never even met the man; yet they speak with an authority that implies personal knowledge and share confidences.

    Mike Holmes is a businessman who found a niche market and capitalized on it. As a businessperson I respect anyone’s ability to recognize a good opportunity, pursue it, and make it work for them. Right place right time. Good for Mike!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Interesting that Mike Holmes thinks that if contracting “doesn’t work out” he can just become a teacher or “write a book”. Seriously, those jobs require credentials too and are also highly competitive.

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