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Steve Payne

Six myths about customer financing of home improvement projects

Financing a project stimulates opportunities for renovators, but traditional methods of doing so can slow down or kill that sale.

Salary Survey result: 51% of contractors under $250,000 billings now have websites

The more money contractors are billing, the more likely they are to have websites. Or is that the other way around?

Renovation industry growing twice as fast new homes industry, Scotiabank says

it’s a fascinating report, detailing $47-billion in Canadian renovation spending annually. There’s lots of work out there.

Do you know your gross margin or gross profit? Compare it to our OutRank by Rogers Salary Survey results right here

Click on this story to see a chart showing Gross Margins by various sizes of residential renovation jobs and custom builds across the country

VIDEO: Steve Maxwell shows how to finish a basement properly (sponsored message)

Traditional basement finishing techniques using stud frame walls, fibre insulation and vapour barriers can sometimes work out OK. But this “traditional” method of building is not without its risks – especially in moist conditions. Steve Maxwell show us how to use foam panel systems and engineered subfloors to ensure a warm, dry and cozy final product.

Canada’s top renovators and builders honoured at CHBA Conference in Whistler, B.C.

The award for “Whole House Renovation” (more than $500,000) went to Eurodale Developments, Toronto

B.C. workers are dying every year from negligence and yet we still don’t see criminal prosecution…

B.C. union official Lee Loftus is among the many union voices in the province who are calling for new legislation to allow criminal charges against corporate executives in the event of workplace accidents.

As a tradesman I left Ontario for Alberta a year ago – and my wages doubled overnight

“I came out here as a short term arrangement, put a few bucks away and pay the bills back home,” says Joe Greps. “I will never be back.”

Alberta contractors report most sales increases in country, Atlantic Canada places second

Ontario and B.C. have the least optimistic contractors – when asked about sales increases in their region – in Canada.

Ontario College of Trades: Ten employees on the $100k “Sunshine List”

The Ontario “Sunshine List” of government and government-agency employees making big bucks has lots of OCOT employees therein. Next week, the gigantic list of Sunshine employees at the WSIB.