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VIDEO: Steve Maxwell on why refurbished cast-iron rads are making a comeback

Cast-iron rads, refurbished and ready to easily install, are cost-effective, environmentally responsible, and physically beauttful. Why did we ever fall out of love with them?

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VIDEO: Good and bad renovation contracts and payment schedules, with Reiner Hoyer

Reiner Hoyer is one straight-talking renovation consultant. Here he tells us what makes a good and bad renovation contract.

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From tools to trucks: Home Hardware Pro Contractor trade shows pump up the prizes

There were prizes being announced almost every 5 minutes last night at the Home Hardware Contractor Pro Show in London, Ont.


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Opinion: A “3D printed” villa from China. Perfect for Florida swampland?

The hype about “3D printing” has hit our industry. Well, it has in China, anyway. Less than a year after the first “3D printed” houses were unveiled in Shanghai, it seems that those…


CertainTeed the first insulation manufacturer to issue a “Health Products Declaration”

These new HPDs “raise the bar for product transparency in the insulation marketplace,” CertainTeed says

“Where’s the money, Adam?” “The money went into the company!”

Global TV News got Adam Gardin to answer the question everyone else is wondering about: Where did all those homeowner deposits GO? “Into my company!” That was easy.

“The idea of a company paying for its existence on the site (HomeStars) speaks volumes…”

“Hundreds of fake HomeStars reviews were made by (my former employer’s) office employees and spouses…”

“It (did) not take Columbo to read GarCon’s reviews and smell a big pile of fish”

“I also took great offence at the Toronto Star and CityTV highlighting that Mr. Gardin is Jewish.”

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VIDEO: Three ways the Reno Coach does due diligence on contractors

In this video clip, Reiner Hoyer talks about three ways that he checks up on contractors before he advises his clients whether they are worth hiring.