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Jobs of the Week: Contracts manager at B.C. Housing; Construction Labourer, Oshawa, ON

If you are a contractor looking for a new opportunity in residential construction or renovations, check out our Canadian Contractor JOBS board on a regular basis.

“Sometimes government incentives – like the former Eco Energy program – are better than the often-argued push to simply reduce all of our taxes…

“The former Eco-Energy program was demonstrated to drive renovation work, create moderate home-energy savings and, most of all, helped to ensure that work was all conducted above board…” Ben Polley writes.

In praise of the former Home Renovation Tax Credit

“This would allow for an even playing field when estimating a job,” writes contractor John Stefanis.

This plumber I once worked with used to brag that he was arrested for drinking and driving and as a result required a chaperone to drive him to calls for a year or so.

“This plumber used to drink a shot of mouthwash before knocking on a customer’s door. Multiply that by 4 or 5 times a day… Not even the liquor store is required to get drunk and work in the services industry!”

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We banned the interfering owner from our site and liened him for $230,000

Contractor Greg Miller sent us this recollection about the ultimate “Interfering Client From Hell.” Greg says that his apparently abusive Nightmare Client insisted that stairs be installed backwards after the site super had left, tried to get the framer and Greg’s crew to drink with him on the job, creating various grotesque safety violations before running out of money and “cancelling our contract so he could have the upper hand in his peers’ minds.”

The most important ‘tool’ for any contractor, in the words of Apple’s Steve Jobs

The next time you have a really difficult decision to make – whether in your contracting business or in your personal life – you might want to consider this personal advice from Steve Jobs.

Should you team up with a contractor referral service?

“Overall, I feel we are improved from these relationships,” writes Robert Sloan of Langstaff & Sloan. “And I would recommend them to others who are willing to improve.”

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VIDEO: Coaches Corner – The pros and cons of TV contractor referral programs

Should you consider associating yourself – or your “brand” as the marketing types call it – with that of a famous TV contractor? Will it do you any good? Is the entire idea any good? Mike Draper talks to Rob Koci about this topic.

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Craig Lowe, Mike Holmes’ painter, dies while scuba diving off Cape Breton

Craig Lowe shared his passion about the professional painting business with the readers of PRO PAINTER magazine, last year. He said he loved to train painters in application techniques and business skills and show them to how provide exceptional customer service.

Coaches corner

Coaches Corner (VIDEO): How to stay FOCUSED as a professional renovator

Focus comes from having distinct goals for your renovation business. Useful goals can be related to (1) Hours worked (2) Revenue and (3) Profitability.