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Steve Payne

I’ve chosen Titan Wall to supply my entire home in SIP form, importing my own windows and doors from Germany

Steve B. says Net Zero homes in Canada suffer from traditional homebuilders either not knowing – or not caring – about the value they could bring to their customers.

BuildForce Canada acknowledges National Tradesmen Day

This fall, BuildForce Canada is launching its redesigned Careers in Construction website at to provide more youth and parent-friendly information about more than 50 different construction trades and occupations.

How shallow an actual home inspection really is

“I have found the inspections to be somewhat cursory in nature and, unless you are totally blind, for the most part a waste of money.”

We once had the MTO in for a VOLUNTARY audit of our vehicle… They gave us $900 in fines.

Once again, a government inspection agency – this time the MTO – proves itself to be purely interested in a cash grab, in total disregard of common sense, respect for its “client” base, or courtesy. Ontario Ministry of Transportation, shame on you.

Hardcore Renos FOOTINGS

VIDEO: Hardcore Renos: Pouring the Footings

Manny Neves and Anderson Hinds, the Hardcore Renos boys in Toronto who were featured on our July/August issue cover, produced one of the greatest self-produced construction videos of all time (seriously) when they poured their footings for their Rondale House project.

ladder safety

Job of the Week: Lead Carpenter, Saskatoon, SK

If you are a contractor looking for a new opportunity in residential construction or renovations, check out our Canadian Contractor JOBS board on a regular basis.

Last time I checked there was NOT a hammer and sickle on our flag

The last of our “bash the MTO” series. That wasn’t our intent, but wow, are some of you seriously angry at the Ontario’s vehicle safety cops.

After the North Toronto house collapse – calls for better education of homeowners about the risks

Laura Pollard of Bravehart Building, a design/build contractor, is part of a group of Toronto area contractors trying to better educate homeowners about major structural renovations

We have a form we give all sub-trades that states what our expectations are in regards to their performance on our jobsites

Gavin Parsons, GP Homes, a green builder, is very specific about insisting his sub-trades clean up after themselves. Trades who consume pop cans or coffee cups on a GP Homes site are told to take them home with them.

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 4.40.45 PM

VIDEO: Hardcore Renos blower door test by Blue Green Group

Blue Green Group gave the Hardcore Renos team a “flying colours” rating (well, that’s not the official rating, but you get our drift) for the blower door test on their Rondale Avenue new home build.