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Steve Payne

If a layman can buy your business and still make a profit, then that business has value.

In order to sell your contracting business one day, you want to become replaceable. And for that to happen, you need to set up systems and processes.

Two kitchen and bath contractors sent to jail under Consumer Protection Act

Three weeks after an unlicensed electrician from Burlington was sent to jail, two kitchen and bath operators from the same city are heading to the slammer, too.

I think there should be trade licensing (for carpenters) with category endorsements that reflect expertise levels.

A New Jersey carpenter and renovation contractor sent us this interesting post about graduated licenses for carpentry.

The (Ontario College of Trades) consultant will dream up a whole new way of shafting all the rest of you guys.

Bureaucrat Tony Dean appointed to “review” the Ontario College of Trades. “I am so relieved that another unqualified ‘suit’ has been appointed to oversee all the other clueless suits at OCOT,” writes contractor Mark Mitchell.

Reno summit

Learn to bill what you’re worth as a renovation contractor: REGISTER NOW for Reno-Summit 2014 Toronto, Nov. 7

If you register for the Nov. 7 Toronto Reno-Summit right NOW, for only $129 for the full day of instruction, you will win a FREE Milwaukee Fuel M12 Hex Driver, which is, pound for pound, one of the most beautiful contractor power tools we have ever seen.

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Tony Dean, former head of Ontario Public Service, to “review” College of Trades

What will a man who has risen to the highest-pinnacle of government civil-service bureaucracy recommend, re: the Ontario College of Trades? We are guessing a massive expansion of its mandate. And we guess he will keep the North Korea-like dictatorship of its unelected board of directors.

ladder safety

Job of the Week: Project Superintendent, Kinetic Construction, Vancouver

If you are a contractor looking for a new opportunity in residential construction or renovations, check out our Canadian Contractor JOBS board on a regular basis.

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(VIDEO) How to Stop Wasting Time on Bad Leads

As a professional renovator or custom home builder, you don’t have a second to waste on prospective customers who are really just tire-kickers. Watch this video to learn how to “qualify” all sales leads before you drive out to see them.

Cash, cash, cash

“The tax credit idea is by far the best way to keep everyone happy. More money for the government, more money for the honest contractor, better projects completed for the homeowner. DONE.”

I hire people, pay my taxes, collect HST, and yet I am treated like a criminal

“My business is legal, I have over 25 years of experience in the Painting and Decorating business. I am not a weekend or part time contractor who works for cash only.”