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Steve Payne

The difference between union-minded workers versus employers

“Unions no longer serve the members they so adamantly say they are trying to protect.”

Bill C-377: The government forcing a private entity (a union) to make their financial statements public is downright scary.

Mike has worked in both the union and non-union side of the electrical business for 25 years. Though he’s a conservative, he hates the proposed Harper government legislation to force unions to publicly disclose their spending.

ESA inspectors are busy and this would undermine their Authorized Contractor Program

Is it really a good idea to tell the public not to pay electricians until a Certificate of Inspection has been produced? Really?

Why does a doctor who abuses his patients get a lesser punishment than an unlicensed electrician?

Obviously the Electrical Safety Authority takes its job more seriously than the College of Physicians and Surgeons does.


Ontario’s ESA fines another unlicensed electrician, warns public not to pay bills without Certificate of Inspection “in hand”

The ESA is really beginning to get the public’s attention with its campaign to fine (and in one case, imprison) unlicensed electricians

Ontario building permit activity grows sharply as Prairies decline

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba all posted declines in building permit activity in September.

Complaints about reno contractors rank 4th behind three other industries in Manitoba

Less than 7 per cent of complaints to the Consumer Protection Office, in Manitoba, during the past year were about contractors


Blast from the Past: Frank Cohn’s famous Clients From Hell column

“She’s bought her first house, and she wants to play Martha Stewart. Unfortunately, she has the budget of Wilma Flintstone.”

Delegate or die: How trying to do it all yourself will kill your business

“The lack of courage to delegate properly, and the knowledge of how to do it, is one of the most general causes of failures in organizations.”

Quoted on a job and did not get it? Did you commit one of these Proposal Killer errors?

Mike Draper’s seven ‘Proposal Killers,’ if you commit one of them, will cost you profitable jobs you should have been doing.