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Steve Payne

Steve Payne
Steve Payne is the editor of Canadian Contractor magazine
May 27, 2019 Voice

Conservative Contractor? Us? A reader accuses us of right-wing media bias

by Steve Payne

“When we started this magazine in 2000, our idea was to give pro renovators and custom homebuilders a magazine that wasn’t constrained from talking bluntly about regulation and taxation in this industry”

March 15, 2019 Voice

The greatest sales strategy on Earth

by Steve Payne

“Define the problem. Solve the problem. Set the price.”

February 15, 2019 Voice

Email to Editor: “Why don’t you rename your magazine Conservative Contractor?”

by Steve Payne

Unfortunately, the author wouldn’t let us publish his interesting correspondence

August 31, 2018 Voice

Would you spend $450,000 to buy project that may never go ahead?

by Steve Payne

Well, the Trudeau government just spent $4.5-billion for the now-frozen (by the courts) Trans Mountain Pipeline Project

July 20, 2018 Voice

Why doesn’t Ottawa seek industry sponsors so that National Building Code can be FREE for EVERYONE to read?

by Steve Payne

Contractor Randy Elliott asks a good question: If the Criminal Code is available free online, why isn’t the National Building Code of Canada?

July 10, 2018 Voice

Wish you’d chosen a 9-5 job? Lessons from Anthony Bourdain’s apprenticeship bestseller

by Steve Payne

Why should a contractor read the very first book of a famous TV chef? Because this legendarily hard-living man had a contractor’s soul

June 29, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Attention roofers! Propane torch safety tips

by Steve Payne

Important information for roofers, brought to you by IKO

May 4, 2018 Voice

Jerry and his price book

by Steve Payne

His gross margin had slid all the way down to 15 per cent, just like that. Except in business, there IS no “just like that.”

May 4, 2018 BUILDWIRE

Roof Ventilation 101 (VIDEO)

by Steve Payne

Do you know how to tell if your client’s roof is properly ventilated? If not, watch this quick video to learn how.

January 5, 2018 Voice

He’s not interested in the Green Ontario rebates

by Steve Payne

Mark Mitchell threw out his application for the Green Ontario rebate program as soon as he saw the words ‘Ontario College of Trades’

December 8, 2017 Voice

City of Toronto tree protection madness: Part 3

by Steve Payne

The Committee of Adjustment is all good with Caroline’s plans. She wants to plant three trees in place of one that will be removed. Oh no you don’t, say the Forestry folks.

December 6, 2017 Voice

Kitchener, ON woman needs help getting a wheelchair ramp built for her daughter

by Steve Payne

Anyone interested in helping? Please post under the story.

September 22, 2017 BUILDWIRE

VIDEO: Damon Bennett test drives Paslode Impulse cordless nailers

by Steve Payne

“It’s all about speed on the job site,” Damon says. And Paslode’s cordless framing and finishing nailers definitely deliver.

September 22, 2017 Voice

Selling renovations starts with finding a mentor

by Steve Payne

If you are looking for sales mentors in our industry, the pages of our magazine are full of them

September 22, 2017 BUILDWIRE

Tub surround upgrades made easier

by Steve Payne

Schluter provides kit for waterproofing tub surrounds

September 8, 2017 Voice

Ottawa’s plan to close “loopholes” in professional corporation tax rules

by Steve Payne

Let us know if you think you will be affected.

August 3, 2017 Voice

Her house needs ‘everything’ done to it – and her budget is zero!

by Steve Payne

Check out this post from a woman in Illinois who we really DO feel sorry for. “If you have to be paid, do not call me,” she helpfully suggests…

July 14, 2017 Voice

Too many renovators live like Rodney Dangerfield

by Steve Payne

The home improvement sector in Canada is worth $72-billion a year. We dwarf sectors like aerospace – or even pharmaceuticals. So why do we get so little respect?