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“Promise made, promise kept”: Mike Holmes finally admits most contractors are good guys

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Holmes actually has some pretty good tips on how contractors can win over even more of their customers

Admitting that disaster renovation shows have soured the general public on contractors, Mike Holmes devoted his syndicated newspaper column this week to the topic of how… (are you sitting down?)… most contractors are, in fact, stand-up individuals.

You know good guys.

He can’t resist, however, giving some business advice to all those contractors who already know what they are doing. But a lot of it is good advice.

Here’s the link to the National Post version of the article….


Mike Holmes: Promise made, promise kept — some tips on how good contractors can win over homeowners


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2 Comments » for “Promise made, promise kept”: Mike Holmes finally admits most contractors are good guys
  1. LORNE W. FIGLEY says:

    Mike apparently never had any trade recognized training and would be fined for doing any of the compulsory trades in Saskatchewan. The application of his suggestions is offensive to our registered apprenticeship program.

  2. I would repeat my admonition to beware of working in Saskatchewan in any compulsory trade without registering in such trade and providing a journeyman level certificate to your customer.

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