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Goodbye Holmes Referred, hello Baeumler Approved

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There are 300 contractors and other firms associated with the Baeumler Approved contractor referral program, Bryan Baeumler's folks tell us

Just two weeks after the Mike Holmes folks shut down their Holmes Referred Contractors program, TV contractor Bryan Baeumler’s staff have been in touch with us about their own contractor referral program, Baeumler Approved. They say there are about 300 contractors and firms associated with the program, which has been gaining traction since it was launched in early 2012.

The Baeumler Approved program includes alliances with Lowe’s Canada, Dickies, Dewalt, Petro Canada, Dodge RAM, TD Bank, and others.

Contractors can join the program for an annual fee of $1500 or a monthly fee of $150. There is also a service category (real-estate, home inspection, designer, decorator, financing) that costs $500 annually or $50 monthly. There is no additional charge for lead-generation.

“We differ (from other programs) in the sense that Baeumler Approved is more than a referral program,” program spokesperson Stephen Weir said to us in an email. “We encourage members to collaborate and interact on work, (we) provide membership benefits and discounts and work directly with members.


“We are a network of contractors and trades that have met a high standard of quality and service. We screen all applicants and ensure that they remain accountable through trade reference checks, homeowner reference checks and full online vetting as well as maintenance of Workers Compensation coverage and Liability Insurance.

Here are the benefits of the program, according to Steve Weir…

1)    Associate yourself with a trusted name known for quality work
Bryan Baeumler has worked for 15 years to establish a reputation for quality work and gain the trust of his clients and fans. He is a well-known television personality in Canada and the U.S. and has access to a wide variety of media outlets to promote the Baeumler Approved name to your potential clients. Baeumler Approved was established to help the best companies succeed.

2) Let clients find you
People seeking qualified and trustworthy companies will be able to actively search Baeumler Approved members in their area through our website. Let them find you!

3)   Save money
Gain access to our national programs with partners and save anywhere from 3-30% on materials and supplies with Lowe’s, Petro Canada, Staples, and Rogers.

4)   Network
Meet other Baeumler Approved members and work together. You know that you will be networking with quality companies with a reputation and philosophy similar to your own.


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5 Comments » for Goodbye Holmes Referred, hello Baeumler Approved
  1. Hi Bryan,
    Its great to know you are checking out that all your member contractors have WSIB and liability insurance. How about Health & Safety!

    I believe when shooting a promo video’s for all to view, we should always make sure at the planning stage, we look as compliant as possible under the occupational health and safety Act.

    I noticed firstly you were not wearing a hard hat, as required at all times by everyone who enters a job site under the present regulations. Its not to be carried, or hung on a nail or sitting in someones vehicle, like their dashboard, while they work onsite

    Further I noticed when you stood by a platform/scaffold, the floor on the other side look open with joists and hopefully I viewed this correctly? If I did, then this is a fall hazard, where a worker could fall and if the fall is over 8 feet, there should be a rail guard designed to specific requirements under the safety Act.

    I believe its about changing the safety culture and if we can produce a video as near as perfect, we can better send out a stronger message to viewers. When we plan a project, why not plan safety in to it!

    I hope my remarks are taken in a positive way, as they are meant to make us all aware we can always do better and make sure everyone goes home safely after work each day,

    Best wishes to your organization.

  2. Rick Maher says:

    Anything that helps customers make informed choices is a welcome addition to the field of plumbing services.

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  4. Never says:

    I can’t stand Baeumier and would not trust ANYONE he recommended, just as I wouldn’t trust that guy personally either. It is pathetic if the best we have now is something with Baeumier’s name on it. PFFFFFF.

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