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Bryan Baeumler’s shows not going off the air

Our April 1st post last Sunday didn't fool anyone. Bryan and Sarah are not going away anytime soon.

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April 6, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Last Sunday, John Bleasby posted about the cancellation of all Bryan Baeumler’s shows from HGTV.

Sunday was April 1.

John deliberately misspelled Bryan and Sarah Baeumler about 27 times throughout the piece.

Most of you got the joke. But we also got angry posts wondering why we can’t spell B-A-E-U-M-L-E-R.

We got many comments from fans of Bryan and Sarah. Here’s one…

I literally said, out loud -“no *#”’ way!!!!” I was about to google this and, if true, I was about to put pen to paper or thumbs to keypad. If I hadn’t scrolled down to continue reading the article, HGTV would have heard from me lol!!! Not only am I extremely addicted to HGTV (I even watch it at work!!!), I am also addicted to watching these two and find them both so down to earth and great partners. Happy to hear it was April Fools!!!




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