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Robert Koci

Robert Koci
Rob Koci is the publisher of Canadian Contractor magazine. Tel. 647-407-0754
May 16, 2019 Voice

The problem employee: “He is stuck, running at about 60 per cent efficiency, dreading every day but doing the best he can.”

by Robert Koci

“He is stuck, running at about 60 per cent efficiency, dreading every day but doing the best he can.”

April 29, 2019 Voice

Passive House building is great building

by Robert Koci

Here at Canadian Contractor, we are big fans of building tight, smart and well. No matter what you believe about Climate Change.

February 8, 2019 Voice

What to do about an unmotivated employee

by Robert Koci

Employees who “mail it in” are complexifiers of a contractor’s business challenges

May 4, 2018 Voice

Do you have a plan for your contracting firm’s future?

by Robert Koci

Well, if you don’t have a vision for your future, how can you expect anyone to back you?

March 3, 2017 Voice

Who is responsible for this late raccoon?

by Robert Koci

Homeowners will try to make every problem YOUR problem – including the removal of dead animals from adjacent properties, it seems

January 18, 2017 Voice

Sit down with us and let’s go over your numbers

by Robert Koci

We launched NextLevel Peer Groups to provide the type of personalized business coaching that no magazine can ever fully provide

December 9, 2016 Voice

What to do with ‘unfair’ criticism

by Robert Koci

I learned my first real lesson about dealing with criticism in Grade 8

November 3, 2016 Voice

What to do with “unfair” criticism

by Robert Koci

“I was crushed. My guts were liquid. How had I been so blind?”

September 2, 2016 Voice

Negotiating 1: Beware of “giveaway creep”

by Robert Koci

“I thought I had a sweet deal with the client. So sweet, that I started to give it all back.”

July 27, 2016 Voice

“Certification is the answer to house collapse”

by Robert Koci

We recently posted comments from both publisher Rob Koci and editor Steve Payne regarding a house collapse in Toronto. Publisher Koci was defensive of the contractor, editor Payne not at all. (Read the original post here.) This reader takes Steve’s

June 28, 2016 Voice

The value of finding a coach

by Robert Koci

“Good coaching turns good contractors into great contractors.”

June 15, 2016 Voice

“My contractor was technically proficient but needed customer sensitivity training.”

by Robert Koci

“Good coaching can fix little things that make big differences.”

April 29, 2016 Voice

Hanging with Turkstra in the Hammer

by Robert Koci

Contractors are gathering at this one-day only trade show hosted by Hamilton, Ontario’s legendary independent lumberyard chain.

March 29, 2016 Voice

Tales from the road

by Robert Koci

“Try to find some time to get off your own jobsites and talk to some new people.”

March 22, 2016 Voice

“Why so many of us still support Rob Ford”

by Robert Koci

The outspoken ex-mayor of Toronto has passed away at the age of 46

August 18, 2015 BUILDWIRE

Managing project changes on-the-fly is all about communication

by Robert Koci

RENOMI software can bring all building project parties together on a single piece of software.

May 15, 2015 Voice

Should you do Freebies for customers? Part 1.

by Robert Koci

There’s an old saying: “No good deed goes unpunished.” Many people don’t know what that means. If you’ve ever done a Freebie for a customer during a renovation, YOU understand EXACTLY what it means.

March 25, 2015 Voice

10 Do’s and Don’ts of managing subtrades

by Robert Koci

I am teaching Project Management at George Brown College this semester. The following are the do’s and don’ts of managing subtrades that I proposed to my students. Do you agree? 1: Don’t be a friend Subtrade friends will cost you