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Fasten-ating, Part 4

A deck in the trees

December 9, 2019
By Rob Blackstien

Here’s yet another of the ITW “Show us your project” contest runners-up.

A deck in the trees

You can tell when talking with Miguel Sevald-Beaulieu, owner of MSB Carpentry of Winnipeg, Manitoba, that he was built for carpentry. A framer by trade, now running a more wide-ranging business in carpentry, Sevald-Beaulieu enjoys not only the hard work, but the ability to create something neat, clean and beautiful as well.

This deck is just such a project. Designed in consultation with the owner, the 3,000 square foot platform surrounding this modern house was the perfect project for GRK fasteners. “We used them on everything involved with the deck,” says Sevald-Beaulieu. “The trim heads were perfect for the deck boards. They are very low profile and give the deck a nice, neat look. And of course, there’s lots of time saved using GRK and not having to pre-drill and lag everything.”


Matt Snowdon, one of the carpenters who worked on the deck, says they used 2 – 3″ GRK composite screws and PL glue for the clear cedar deck boards and 2″ x 7″ lag screws for the posts and rim joists. In submitting the entry for this contest, he reflects Sevald-Beaulieu’s pride in the work done. “This is not your average cabin in the woods. This is not your average deck.”

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