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Alec Caldwell
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Construction trench fatality in Toronto: there are NO “accidents”

“These deaths always stem from human error, be it lack of training, pushing too fast and taking shortcuts, lack of equipment, or poor supervision.”


Trying to make your Ontario WSIB payments by cutting your private insurance? A bad idea – and here’s why…

Ontario WSIB can be extremely expensive. But abandoning your own, private, individual sickness and disability insurance – just to help pay for hour WSIB – is going to absolutely kill you financially if you get cancer or another critical illness


Ontario Ministry of Labour begins summer safety blitz, focusing on fall prevention

Don’t be surprised if you see a MoL inspector on your jobsite, even if you are “just” doing a renovation… The MoL keep an eagle eye on the big commercial builders, yes. But 37% of safety orders written by MoL inspectors during their safety blitz last summer, were written at single-family residential jobsites.

Opinion: Is Bell Canada gouging you on fees and interest?

Giant corporations seem to dine out on smaller, entrepreneurial companies that rely on their essential services. One of my members has serious complaints about Bell Canada’s contracts, billing practices and interest rates.

Caldwells stilts

Rules for the use of stilts in residential construction in Ontario

Back in the day, stilts were banned in my jurisdiction. Some drywallers and insulation guys would get around this ban by using rollerblades. Crazy stuff.


Police officers working on construction sites without safety gear

Frequently, you will see cops working very close to construction sites, or even on construction sites proper, without construction safety equipment. In cases like this, who is responsible for enforcing the Occupational Health & Safety Act (as it’s called in Ontario)?

safety glasses

What! shrapnel in home renovations!

Be cool. And safe. Wear safety glasses. Here’s why

ladder safety

Ontario new “working at heights” standard stalled

New changes to safety standards have been stalled, but not for long. Get your safety training now


Construction industry in Ontario facing draconian times under Wynne majority government

The Ontario College of Trades proposal, allegedly “on hold” but now very likely to be re-instated, to force the certification of the province’s carpenters, is, to put it mildly, insane.

Alec Caldwell on today’s Ontario election: Contractors need to vote!

“The Ontario College of Trades deserves to be called what it is: A union-controlled mob”