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Alec Caldwell

Are homeowners compromising your work site?

Homeowners generally won’t look at an area undergoing professional renovation in their own homes as a “job site.” But if they get injured where you are working, you are just as legally liable as if a member of the public injured themselves on a wide-open, unsecured commercial job site.


Who would you rather have Christmas dinner with: Jim Caruk or Mike Holmes?

For some reason Alec Caldwell doesn’t want to contemplate Christmas dinner with Bryan Bauemler. In his mini-poll, it’s a choice between Mike Holmes and Jim Caruk.


What I learned at the Safety Round Table at Queen’s Park

Congratulations to Ontario MPP Mike Colle for arranging this industry gathering at Queen’s Park to discuss ways to prevent tragedies like the underpinning-related death of Ryan Pearce, 19.

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Landing sales in today’s cash underground market. Introducing the ‘Close the Quote’ system.

One of our CARAHS contractors told me that Close the Quote “translated into immediate results in sales.” And it’s FREE.

How one roofing firm advertised their serious stupidity

The owner of the firm chewed me out. “Is this all you have to do with your time?” he asked angrily.

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Opinion: Part 2 – Guilty – IBEW Union CLOSED Lorne’s Electric

Union interference took down Lorne’s Electric and its owner, Eric Glahs. So who cares? Does IBEW care? Tell us what you think.

Are you leaving your tools behind at your jobsite? Beware!

An accident involving your tools, because you didn’t lock them out, or tag them out, can have severe legal consequences for you.

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Did IBEW certification cause the closure of Lorne’s Electric, Arnprior, Ont.?

When Lorne’s Electric went out of business, around 40 people became unemployed. The company had recently become unionized based on the votes of three of Lorne Electric’s employees.


Opinion: Could Bill C-377 expose the darker side of union activities?

Bill C-377 would force unions to publicly disclose their spending, including their executives’ salaries over $100,000. The bill has been called “undemocratic” Alec Caldwell, on behalf of renovation contractors at CARAHS, begs to differ.

Will the private member’s bill in Ontario, aiming to reduce WSIB premiums for independent operators, eventually become law?

Laura Albanese, Liberal MPP for York South-Weston, has introduced a bill to reduce the WSIB fees for independent operators, sole proprietors, partners in partnerships and executive officers of corporations.