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Alec Caldwell
Fall arrest

Ontario Ministry of Labour “working at heights” course modules will be mandatory by July 1st

You may not think you have to worry about getting certified for Fall Arrest safety if you work in the home renovations industry. Or if you don’t go up ladders. But pretty well everyone will have to take at least Module 1.


Does wearing a hard hat stop your religious freedom?

It seems so, according to many recent court cases. More and more citizens are being permitted to ditch hard hats and helmets in favour of religious headgear. Who pays when these people sustain an injury? We all do.

Abolish OCOT Photo Queens Park 8,Apr 2014 IMG_3616

Home renovators will become unemployed if Ontario College of Trades has its way with carpenters

Earlier today I took part in a protest at Queen’s Park by my CARAHS members against OCOT. Those hardhats on the ground in this pic all have “pink slips” attached. Which is exactly what OCOT would like to see happen when it forces the certification of carpenters, including renovators. Pleased to see PC MPP Garfield Dunlop holding a press conference with Tim Hudak on this issue.

Ontario College of Trades: Why CARAHS opposes it

The Canadian Association of Renovators and Home Services, says its president Alec Caldwell, is determined to prevent its members from being harassed out of business by the Ontario College of Trades

CARAHS seminar March 27th, Pickering, ON: “Profit from Mistakes Other Contractors Have Made”

Rob Koci will talk about some of the mistakes he made, and how you can avoid them, in his 20 years as a renovator.

We need to band together to stop the Ontario College of Trades forcing carpenters into its fold

In Ontario, we all need to protest this thinly-veiled

Ontario Liberals, through the Ontario College of Trades, finding a way to pay the carpenters’ union back for their support

“Imagine homeowners having their renovations stopped immediately because they are using non-certified, non-union labour?”


Ontario’s new standards for Working at Heights training. If you aren’t aware of them, you risk fines, injury or death

There are two modules to the training. Not only will you avoid MoL fines if you take these courses, you will possibly save your life – or the lives of the workers you are legally required to protect.

NEW Ontario Ministry of Labour course EVERYONE has to complete

Alec Caldwell tips us off to a mandatory online course recently introduced in Ontario by the Ministry of Labour. Pretty well everyone in our industry has to complete it. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour.


The underground economy: Was this the worst contractor in Toronto?

The contractor mis-represented herself as an employee of a Toronto home improvement store, went out to the customer’s home and asked for a personal cheque “to save HST,” and then sent in a tradesperson who removed a vital handrail before liening the house.