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Alec Caldwell
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Opinion: Part 2 – Guilty – IBEW Union CLOSED Lorne’s Electric

Union interference took down Lorne’s Electric and its owner, Eric Glahs. So who cares? Does IBEW care? Tell us what you think.

Are you leaving your tools behind at your jobsite? Beware!

An accident involving your tools, because you didn’t lock them out, or tag them out, can have severe legal consequences for you.

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Did IBEW certification cause the closure of Lorne’s Electric, Arnprior, Ont.?

When Lorne’s Electric went out of business, around 40 people became unemployed. The company had recently become unionized based on the votes of three of Lorne Electric’s employees.


Opinion: Could Bill C-377 expose the darker side of union activities?

Bill C-377 would force unions to publicly disclose their spending, including their executives’ salaries over $100,000. The bill has been called “undemocratic” Alec Caldwell, on behalf of renovation contractors at CARAHS, begs to differ.

Will the private member’s bill in Ontario, aiming to reduce WSIB premiums for independent operators, eventually become law?

Laura Albanese, Liberal MPP for York South-Weston, has introduced a bill to reduce the WSIB fees for independent operators, sole proprietors, partners in partnerships and executive officers of corporations.


On-site fire extinguishers: Yes, you have to have them, even for a small renovation job

Very few professional renovators give much attention to the issue of fire safety on the jobsite. Did you know that you are required to have fire extinguishers on your site, in locations that are plainly labelled, and that everyone on your site has to know how to use them?

red ink

Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) in the red last year by $3.5-million

If your business runs at minus 26 per cent profit, you’ll be pumping gas pretty soon. But don’t expect to see Ontario College of Trades registrar and CEO David Tsubouchi asking to check your oil down at your local ESSO.

More thoughts on competing with cash operators, and what the government needs to do about it

Ottawa’s Home Renovation Tax Credit not only stimulated renovation projects, it helped the government collect significant tax revenue it would not otherwise have received. It’s high time such a tax credit system was installed permanently.


The renovation boom in Canada: the best is yet to come

Residential renovations and repairs have more than doubled, dollar-wise, since the late 1990s. And the boom is continuing, fuelled by an ageing population.


Grow your contracting business to the next level: Policies & Procedures

All professional contracting businesses – no matter what size they are – need written Policies and Procedures for both legal and business management reasons. If you find the whole idea of creating these Policies and Procedures overwhelming, reach out to CARAHS, who have everything you need to set yourself up for success.